Late on Wednesday the government quietly let it slip that it was abandoning the child refugees programme it had earlier agreed to.

Called the Dubs Amendment, the plan was that the government would accept around 3000 child refugees from France that had been abandoned and were at severe risk.

But the Tories abruptly announced they would stop at 350.

This cartoon in The Times today – a newspaper that is normally supportive of the government – shows how the decision has been received across the political spectrum



The cartoon is by Peter Brookes.

Theresa May used to say her strict Christian upbringing helped her make difficult decisions.

She acts neither like a Christian nor someone who can take tough decisions

  1. Not very Christian to turn your back on innocent children. You should be ashamed of yourself. How do you sleep at night? As a human being you disgust me.

  2. Time that Christian churches, both CoE and RC, refused the sacraments to Tory MPs and refused them entry to services. If they profess belief in Jesus Christ, and yet their actions and policies run completely opposite to His teachings, surely they cannot be considered to be Christians at all. The Archbishop of Canterbury should seek an audience with the Queen (as Head of the CoE) to discuss what action could be taken (without jeopardising the Queen’s Constitutional requirement of political neutrality), and then follow that up with a meeting with the Archbishop of Westminster (as de facto spokesman in England and Wales of the RC Church) to co-ordinate the reaction to the Government’s un-Christian actions.

  3. In August 1947, the SS Asturius set out for Fremantle West Australia with a large number of ‘ child migrants ‘ who were forced out of Britain against their wishes. In June 1948 the ‘ Empire Windrush ‘ tied up at Tilbury Docks, and disgorged 392 total strangers deserting their own warm sunny magnificent geographical masterpieces in the Caribbean, to come and settle in freezing England at the request of the Govt of Clement Attlee! THAT atrocity was decidedly very unChristian; and it was the doing of the Labour party of the time. In the October of the same year, the SS Ormonde departed Tilbury, with yet another rather large group of beleaguered British children being sent off to Fremantle and housed in institutions that were so horrendous, that there were many who, as adults, were to take their own lives, as they had no idea how to cope in Aust society, after the hardships experienced as children!
    The Labour party, by far, exceeded the abolishment of the DUBS Amendment in heartlessness

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