German sources say that BMW has decided it will no longer produced the electric version of its popular Mini models in Britain any more.

The decision was linked to Brexit, reports the German Manager Magazin.

It’s very likely BMW is worried that cars exported to the EU after Brexit would face tariffs, especially since Theresa May wants to take Britain out of the EU Customs Union too.

BMW has a big car plant in Oxford.

The main plant in Oxford is no longer set for the project, the Dax Group is thinking about a production in Leipzig or Regensburg, reports the “Handelsblatt” (Monday) by referring to group circles. [via Google Translate]


In the second half of the year, BMW would have to decide where the future electric mini would be built, the newspaper said. British Prime Minister Theresa May had announced a so-called “hard” brexit – that is, the departure of Great Britain not only from the EU, but also from the common market. Possible tariffs and other trade restrictions would make the production on the island more expensive for export.

A company official did not comment on the report.

This is how Brexit will play out – not with a bang but with a steady stream of companies deciding its too risky or too expensive to produce in Britain.

And yet the Brexiteers continue to turn blind eye

  1. 48% (and Growing) says:

    ‘ production on the island more expensive ‘

    And that’s what we’ll be, ‘the island’. Well done all you ‘little Englanders’, little England is exactly what your majority ‘of the old and less educated’ will have given us.

  2. Robert Peake says:

    This is the start of the demise of Britain no wonder Nicola wants to separate from the UK the Scots are a canny nation.

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