The First Lady of the United States is not letting the Daily Mail off the hook in a lawsuit that has Washington shocked.

In August last year the Daily Mail published (and then retracted) a false article claiming that Melania Trump had once worked as an escort.

The article was published in print and online.

More astonishingly, she claims in the lawsuit that the Mail robbed her of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity to cash in as the First Lady.

The text of the lawsuit reads:

Mail Online’s conduct was extreme and outrageous in falsely making the scurrilous charge that the future First Lady of the United States worked as a prostitute.

Plaintiff had the unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as an extremely famous and well-known person…to launch a broad-based commercial brand in multiple product categories, each of which could have garnered multi-million dollar business relationships for a multi-year term during which plaintiff is one of the most photographed women in the world.

These product categories would have included, among other things, apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care, skin care and fragrance.

In other words, the Trumps aren’t even hiding the fact they want to cash in on business opportunities while in the White House.

Richard Painter, a White House ethics counsel under President George W. Bush told the Washington Post:

There has never been a first lady of the United States who insinuated that she intended to make a lot of money because of the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity of being first lady.

The new lawsuit was filed last night.

It comes just three days after a judge in the state of Maryland tossed out a similar claim against the Mail Online for jurisdictional reasons.

Mrs. Trump also sued the Daily Mail newspaper over a version of the article which ran in print in August.

Is there any way in which both parties can lose from this lawsuit?

  1. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    ‘Melania, what was it that first attracted you to this paunchy, obnoxious, balding, fake-tanned, badly-dressed, non-reading, charmless multi-billionaire?’

  2. Odious pair. Doesn’t seem like a victim to me. They deserve each other. She matches him with her level of greed and entitlement. If she trades this off by having to share a bed with a revolting and perverted narcissist, with an orange face, weird hair and stubby fingers, well, that’s her look out.

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