The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has finally admitted that the NHS is facing an unprecedented crisis that is putting thousands of lives at risk.

He made the admission this morning after more horror stories forced the issue on to the agenda.

Britain now spends less money on health as a percentage of our national income compared to Germany and France.

The Daily Mirror’s front page this morning also pressed the point – saying spending levels are at the levels of the 1950s.

Hunt was given several examples on the BBC this morning of patients who had been failed because of severe shortages.

He admitted:

It is incredibly frustrating for me. I am doing this job because I want NHS care to be the safest and best in the world. That kind of care is completely unacceptable. No-one would want it for members of their own family.

The Prime Minister has been very clear. We recognise the pressure’s there. We recognise there is a problem about the sustainability of the social care system.

But asked if the government woud plug the gap with spending committments, he evaded the question.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell criticised his opponent this morning on Twitter:

[email protected]PHammondMP This is your fault for not giving an extra penny to the NHS at the Autumn Statement. We need solution before Budget in March.

On Twitter several people shared this image, and pointed the finger at Jeremy Hunt


Most worryingly, Barrister Sir Robert Francis, who uncovered the Mid Staffordshire crisis, told the Health Service Journal that the NHS was facing an “existential crisis” which made a further similar scandal “inevitable”.



The junior doctors have been proven completely right

  1. Arch-Brexiteer and hard-Right Tory, Daniel Hannan, once described the NHS as a “sixty-year mistake”.

    Its current travails have nothing to do with immigration, the EU or so-called Health Tourism, much as the Tories, Kippers and press try to pretend, but with a deliberate policy of underfunding, overloading and reorganisation preparatory to privatisation.

    The Tories have always hated the NHS. It always ends up in crisis when they form the government and we are now entering the end-game that could lead to its final destruction.

  2. Truth is that JHunt does have a plan – that’s why he’s been spending more time with US healthcare insurance companies than he has dealing with his day job.

  3. But when asked about extra funding he said that was up to the Chancellor and the Prime Minister. He is just being the good little boy and getting on with what he is given. FFS with the current crisis he should be shouting for extra money from the rooftops

  4. But….. didnt he shuck the responsibility for the health of the nation with the Act in 2012. Why is he still getting paid for a job he doesnt do!!!!!

  5. As we speak people are thinking of ways to organise a general strike that will cripple this country, and people will do it for the sake of the NHS, despite what the government thinks. If the Tories ever think they will win the next general election, then they better think again, but can you trust Labour, they were the ones that opened the doors for privatisation.

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