By most accounts Jeremy Corbyn had one of his best PMQs today.

Even during normal circumstances the Prime Minister is evasive about questions she is asked, but today she was all over the place.

The secret to Corbyn’s success: focusing on the social care crisis, armed with a series of texts leaked to him that showed the Tory government did a secret ‘sweetheart’ deal with Surrey Council over its funding.

Here is the quick background.

Tory-run Surrey Council was due to have a referendum on whether it should raise extra money for social care. The council admits that adult social care is in “crisis”.

The referendum was a huge embarrassment for the Tories, because it exposed their unwillingness to confront the problem on a national level.

Plus, the fact it was a Tory-run council made it doubly-embarrassing for the government.

Now it turns out, thanks to texts leaked to the Labour leadership, the Tory government quietly worked on a secret deal with Surrey Council so they wouldn’t have to go ahead with the referendum.

Coincidentally, the referendum was called off yesterday.

Corbyn had a simple question for the PM:

My question was whether there had been a special deal done for Surrey [council]. The leader said they had had many conversations with the government. We know they have, because I’ve been leaked copies of texts by the Tory leader David Hodge intended for somebody called Nick, who works for ministers in the [DCLG]. …

Will the government now publish this memorandum of understanding and, while they’re about it, will all councils be offered the same deal?



Theresa May had nothing to say and was caught completely on the back foot.

In one swoop, Corbyn managed to expose the social care crisis and the PM’s double-dealings to keep it quiet

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