Michael Gove won’t have an easy time in the House of Commons today.

The former co-chair of Vote Leave, which had a bus with the pledge of an extra £350m a week for the NHS, will be asked to “make good on his promise”.

Today is the day that amendments get discussed for the Article 50 Brexit bill.

The #350mForTheNHS amendment is being tabled by Labour MP Chuka Umunna and supported by others MPs.

In a letter to Michael Gove yesterday, Umunna wrote:

I appreciate that you are no longer in Government. But as a backbencher with an apparently sincere wish to boost the resources available for our NHS, I cannot understand why you could not back this amendment.

Many of those who voted Leave, in party on the basis that extra monies would be put into the NHS, will consider the failure to make good on the Vote Leave NHS pledge to be a gross betrayal.

So you can join me and dozens of other MPs from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens by adding your name to the amendment to show you intend to make good on your promise.

If you fail to do so, it will simply confirm to the British people the hollow cynicism of your promises about our National Health Service.

Umunna is now leading a new group called Vote Leave Watch, which aims to get the Vote Leave campaign to honour their campaign pledges.


We bet Gove will run away from having this debate entirely

  1. What people need to realise is that when he said there would be another £350 million a week for the NHS he meant it as an “alternative fact”.

  2. Gove doesn’t care about detail. He and Johnson had their eyes on the main prize. They wanted to be PM first and foremost. The referendum campaign was just a way to raise their profile. These are not politicians with pricinciples or who actually care about the consequences of their actions on ordinary people. Personal ambition comes first. That’s why they have no problem buddying up to Trump.

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