The annual Dusseldorf carnival is usually a place for political satire. But this year they took it to another level.

Pictures from German media from this weekend show Germans eager to ridicule not just Theresa May’s plans for Brexit, but especially Donald Trump.

And they didn’t hold back either.


And one featuring other far-right figures



‘Blond is the new brown’ – said the float featuring Trump, France’s Le Pen, Netherlands’ Geert Wilders and, of course, a blonde-painted Adolf Hitler.

Some floats took aim at Turkey’s Erdogan, others at ISIS and far-right extremists.

The float featuring Theresa May was on point too



Some floats took aim at Merkel and SPD’s candidate for Chancellor Martin Schulz too.



More of the pics here.

We couldn’t have done it any better, frankly

An earlier version of this piece said the Carnival wasn’t usually political, which was a mistake. That has been amended.

  1. Who says the Germans haven’t got a sense of humour! Unfortunately the laugh is on us and that my German ancestry doesn’t entitle me to an EU passport.

  2. Actually, Karneval is a place for social and political satire. Every year in Cologne they have a Jeisterzoch (Ghost train) on carnival Sunday which mixes horror with political floats and jokes at the expense of politicians.

  3. “The annual Dusseldorf carnival is not usually a place for political satire.”

    Sorry but that’s totally wrong. Esp. the Dusseldorf carnival is well known for political satire. And yes they did it totally well 😉

  4. Sorry guys, but Karneval is usually a place for political satire.
    I can´t remember a year, when it wasn´t and I live here ;).

  5. 48% (and Growing) says:

    Hi German people,
    Please feel free to invade us and rescue us from this Brexit stupidity. We promise we won’t resist this time. Just come quickly. Time is running out.

  6. Love it! If only our brexiters saw that it’s not just us whinging londerners that think the whole brexit is crazy.

  7. Even small rural town Carnivals in Germany do political satire floats, usually at the expense of their local council or local scandals.

  8. vivienne stocker says:

    Prime Minister May did not want Brexit, the voters decided, she has the job of sorting it. But I suppose it is easier to pick on one person than the majority voters.

  9. But if May was a real Statesman she would be extolling the stupidity of Brexit. Sadly as a second rate politician she has not the stature to do this.

  10. GermanInScotland says:

    If you really think May cares one way or the other you’re naive. They’re career politicians, they will do whatever they think will get them re-elected. Nothing else matters to them. Absolutely bloody nothing. Not their country, not their countrymen, nor anything else really.

  11. This float is wrong in two ways it was not May who chose to leave and ot was not Britain it was England and Farage.

  12. British Citizen says:

    To say Teresa May didn’t want Brexit isn’t at all true. Have her actions since the vote been those of someone who didn’t want it? No. She’s enthusiastic about it. She famously didn’t get involved in the debate, and swept in to clean up when the fallout had settled. She wanted it and she played the game to get where she is.

    Brexit, La Pen, Wilders and Trump are some of the most sickening things to happen in Europe for a generation. People like Farage should be take round the back into the car park and unceremoniously shot. He’s disgusting, a waste of oxygen and doesn’t deserve to live on this earth.

    Not because they have a different opinion, but because of the tactics they’ll use to employ their ideology on the rest of us. Not content with running (and losing) and honest debate, they resorted to scandalous tactics and conmanship to get what they wanted and line their own pockets.

    It’s an utter disgrace, and what’s worse, it’s spreading.

  13. Another British Citizen says:

    Whenever politicians talk about “the British” or “the Americans” just remember that most didn’t vote for Trump or Brexit … but we suffer the consequences.

  14. I think the image of May taking the Brexit gun in her mouth could be improved if it depicted her in a similar position as Trump is depicted, wearing a strap-on, but behind an image/”character” of UK on all fours, rather than the Statue of Liberty, to show the point of UK being shafted in the a**.

  15. No floats on the terrorists then, nothing about sexual attacks that aren’t happening? none on the prophet Mohammed? Easy targets I suppose, very easy to take a pop at the figures they have. Cowards really

  16. Haters gonna hate. Loved the comment about “most didn’t vote for Brexit” …..funny that most actually did vote for Brexit! Hence why we won. I do love reading all the remoaners comments as if moaning on social media will ever stop us leaving the EU haha. Your salty tears taste soooo good

  17. Any float depicting how the EU Euro zone is destroying some countries while Germany benefits?

    Or a float that depicts the attacks caused by Merkel’s open door policy?

  18. “Whenever politicians talk about “the British” or “the Americans” just remember that most didn’t vote for Trump or Brexit … but we suffer the consequences.”

    While many voted pro-Trump and pro-Brexit, all those who didn’t vote where content with the outcome and have thus passively supported it.

  19. No wonder Europe is unhappy with Britain leaving , they are losing the second largest contributor to the common market . Which country will make up the shortfall in cash then?

  20. That’s so funny. Britain is the fastest growing economy in the developed world. The Eu is such a success story I forgot. Nearly all EU countries with the exception of Germany have massive unemployment and many virtually bankrupt. Italy no growth on 20 years . How could we be so stupid as to leave all that behind.

  21. funny that most actually did vote for Brexit!

    Rounding down the figures, 16 million voted Remain, 17 million voted Leave, 18 million couldn’t be bothered to vote. So actually, most people were too apathetic to vote. I know personally of quite a few who voted to Leave simply because of the words on the bus, and when Farage came out and said that was a mistake – aka a lie – they said they would have voted to Remain. Many voted Leave for 2 reasons, funding the NHS with our EU contribution, and the scaremongering tactics of the Remain campaign. They now regret voting Leave.

    Great floats though!

  22. UK isn’t biggest contributer, it’s Netherlands, Germany and more countries before us. We get a huge rebate

  23. I hate Brexit with a passion. We were duped! It’s becoming more obvious everyday what a foolish path we have chosen. If there were a repeat referendum tomorrow remain would win.

  24. Anonymous says:
    February 28, 2017 at 7:44 pm
    No floats on the terrorists then, nothing about sexual attacks that aren’t happening? none on the prophet Mohammed? Easy targets I suppose, very easy to take a pop at the figures they have. Cowards really


    Oh, there were, on both subjects. Nobody and no subject escapes the Karneval. It is just that the floats depicted here are the ones that made it further in the international news.

  25. The float should show the European Commission holding a grenade with its pin pulled out. The next float shold show Britain holding the pin.

  26. Willson, LL.B says:

    Trump is a walking, talking,”trumping” “Andy Pandy” hand moving ridiculer of er himself…

  27. So typical of Germans! Trashing everyone else. The 4 years I lived there it was all about how stupid Americans are and how much better they were at everything. We don’t need Germans to make those floats, we already do enough trash talking on our own!

  28. The Germans begged us not to leave. I wonder why? What is in it for them? The also want to create a European army and of what nationality would the head of the European army be? Hmmm I don’t doubt Germany wanting to become a super power and to control everything.

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