The leader of Ukip and his tea-boy Paul Nuttall are holding a ‘public meeting’ in Stoke later today.

Tickets to the event were advertised online so anyone could snatch them up.

So pranksters have done the obvious: snatched up all the free tickets available, with no aim of actually turning up.

One wrote on Facebook:

Some of the bitter cynical lefties i know are suggesting that it would be a fantastic wheeze to book tickets for this and then not show up. Obviously that would be WRONG

Another wrote:

Don’t forget to book your tickets to see Paul Nuttall and Nigel Farage in Stoke on Monday…. tickets are free but space is limited. We don’t want them to be speaking to an empty room do we? …I booked four with each of my email addresses.


Anybody fancy a visit to see these 2 comedians… free tickets available now….

Tickets to the event are now all sold out.

The event is at 7pm in Stoke later today.

We can’t wait to hear about what sort of reception Farage and Nuttall get

  1. Oh dear! How Terrible 🙂 can’t think how that could happen to a nice pair of thugs as these two. I’m shocked I tell you … shocked!!!!

  2. Careful comrades. Any publicity, good or bad, is the end game for these two jokers. A punch up, verbal or otherwise gets the column inches they crave.

  3. But now they will use this as an excuse if nobody turns up. They will blame it on Labour supporters taking all the tickets when it’s more likely that Fagrage and Nutjob have limited support and few people want to listen to them lie and waffle.
    Might be an idea to throw in a few games of free prize bingo.

  4. They think they’re such men of the people making them free, hilarious idea to buy them. I have about 4 email addresses, I would have happily done it too! Do I plan to go? Well, I’m in Spain…… Thought I ought to travel while it’s still easy. I work here too, immigrant!!!!! ¡Dios mio!

  5. Everyone with a ticket shod go so that they can’t “‘re-allocate” to any “supporters”, but then walk out en masse when they star to speak. Now that would be fun!

  6. I thought Nuttall was the leader?? It says ukip leader and his tea boy Paul Nuttall!! Seriously though they should all turn up and stay totally silent. Otherwise seats may be reallocated!!

  7. christina Penn says:

    no , leave them to dig their own grave, let them give free speeches , dont think people of Stoke will be impressed by these two chancers. It will be a sad day if UKIP did win , I hope my instincts are right and that there is no chance it will happen.

  8. Who in their right mind would go out in this weather to listen to lies and hype… From a pair of jokers Morecambe and Wise they are not..

  9. Patrick Graham says:

    be good if all did actually go (ensure no last minute stuffing of KIPheads)

    then all walk out booing as soon as any speech actually begins…

  10. Would have been better to turn up and give them a hard time, with tough rational questioning. Questions like asking Nuttall when did he move to Stoke and why? Also did he buy or is he renting and how long does he plan to Remain?

  11. Can’t believe I’ve missed out on free Tickets I absolutely worship the Chuckle Brother’s. Can I tempt Someone to sort us with a free Ticket got 1p for you

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