We all know that Trump fans have a special love for ‘alternative facts’ – so it’s probably best we call them out before they get too prominent.

The website Westmonster – founded by the Brexit funding millionaire Arron Banks – claims that 64% of Brits now back Brexit in a blog-post.

Arron Banks, as we already know, has little regard for facts. He once told the Guardian:

The remain campaign featured fact, fact, fact, fact, fact. It just doesn’t work. You have got to connect with people emotionally. It’s the Trump success.

In the same vein, his media operation is now trying to create facts which he will repeat endlessly in the hope they catch on.

The headline of the piece claims that 64% of Brits now back Brexit.

But the body of the post reveals something else – that 64% of Brits think Labour should not block Brexit.

Claiming that as ‘64% of Brits back Brexit’ is a falsehood and misleading. They just don’t want Labour to block it.

Moreover, they don’t even know what deal is on offer. Once that happens their stance may change.

We don’t take their reluctance as enthusiastic approval for the Brexit cause

  1. Quite believable. What faith do you have in the Great British Public not to base their judgement on something like: ‘I’m getting bored with it all now. Let’s get it over with so we don’t have to hear any more about it.’?
    Remember the straight banana woman on Question Time. There’s a lot of them about.

  2. “People in Stoke I assume”…….NEVER ASSUME!!!…. It makes an ASS out of yoU and an ass out of ME. Why anonymous, it’s obvious who wrote this comment

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