With Trump trying to start a trade war with Mexico and Europe, the two are doing the obvious thing: banding together against him.

The European Commission today announced it was looking to “accelerate” trade talks with Mexico.

It also trolled Trump with this:

Now is the time to build bridges, not walls.

They couldn’t get more obvious even if they tried.

Trump is trying to bully Mexico because American companies have been creating jobs there instead of the US. Though trade between the two countries benefits people in both countries.

And yesterday his aide threatened a trade war with the EU if the Euro was not devalued quickly.

So today this tweet appeared, as if by coincidence:




Of course, the US is still Mexico’s biggest trade partner by far but a deal with the EU would strengthen their hand.

And this was sent out by the EU trade Commissioner today too:

This almost brings a tear to our eyes.

Trump cannot be allowed to get away with his bullying

  1. All countries who is trading with this man should now stick together and make it impossible for him to “get all the deals he want the way that HE wants them”. This is actual Countries he is dealing with, not some corporation of sorts – he can not call all the shots here, even if he is dumb enough to think so. Be smarter than him, it doesn’t take much 🙂

  2. Can you do everyone a favour and start reporting things properly and not like they’re daft Internet arguments by using the word ‘trolling’? This is serious stuff, and it doesn’t reflect well on PS that you’re trivialising things like this.

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