The Deputy PM of Sweden perfectly trolled Trump today with a picture of her surrounded by women as she signed a law.

Isabella Lövin signed a climate law this morning and tweeted:

Just signed referral of Swedish #climate law, binding all future governments to net zero emissions by 2045. For a safer and better future.

She is the Deputy PM and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate.

The picture doesn’t look significant, except there is context here:



We assume the Swedish deputy PM was just trying to draw a contrast.

Good on her.

Earlier this week, the European Commission trolled Trump by calling for a fast-track deal with Mexico, saying “we need to build bridges not walls”.

But Trump is not bothered by all this – he had the biggest inauguration crowd size, ever

  1. way to go!!!! He may know where it is if he has business interests there. Indeed someone could show him on a map.

  2. Stephen Travids says:

    But – but – but – his inauguration was attended by the biggest crowd in the history of crowds! He’s a really smart man, so smart, he needs no advisors, just a lift. Those women don’t exist. They don’t follow him on twitter.

  3. sweden is a very progressive country great for them, wew in canada also have a balance of women in the goverment… maybe swedan and canada can add to each other strength….. women power

  4. Does this mean that the deputy PM of Sweden is actually endorsing a lack of diversity in government? I don’t think that is her intention but if you want to show diversity in government is truly the better way, this picture seems to refute that assertion.

  5. You are right, it is ironic as I would never have expected Swedish parliamentarians to be so unimaginative in their attempt to condemn institutional sexism. If you want to ridicule an injustice, perfectly imitating it only makes you look hypocritical.

  6. Love all the idiot right wing, thin skinned “anonymous” commenters. Trump is a moron, and that is me being kind….

  7. Is the meteor heading for the white house yet? He’s always there. Scared to go out. Protestors hurt his feelings.

  8. Anonymous, will you please have a word with yourself before you post. I respect your right to post contradictory posts, depending on who has control over your fingers on the keyboard at any given time, but, really?

  9. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to define irony for the hard of thinking but it can be defined as an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected. By the way, I’m not an American so you can put away that casual bigotry. I was just expressing my opinion, sorry if it doesn’t coincide with yours but maybe we can agree to differ.

  10. I can see Trump saying it now, “Sweden, a very overrated country”. In the vein of “Meryl Streep, a very overrated actress”, “Hamilton, a very overrated play”. In fact, anyone or anything that criticises him or his policies is “overrated”.
    I’ve met more self-aware and mature six-year-olds.

  11. What exactly about Sweden’s SJW government is supposed to make Trump suddenly upset and argumentative? Eurocrat-style politicians are not very good with the concept of trolling. Showing how fragile, easily offended, and worried about women’s rights you are is not ‘trolling’, because you truly are fragile, easily offended, and worried about women’s rights – and everyone knows it.

  12. What exactly about Sweden’s SJW government is supposed to make Trump suddenly upset and argumentative?
    Everything makes Trump upset and argumentative!

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