The Daily Mail columnist Dan Hodges wasn’t a happy bunny today. But the day got progressively worse.

It all kicked off when the Guardian broke the story that Wikipedia editors had now deemed the Daily Mail as an “unreliable source” for stories.

That irked its columnist Dan Hodges, who tweeted this morning:


which got a reply from Political Scrapbook editor:

and then a debate ensued…







At which point it becomes clear that Dan Hodges hadn’t even bothered to look into the controversy he was complaining about.

Because the founder of Wikipedia himself weighted in…







But Dan Hodges kept digging further…




so he weighed in again…

It’s almost like Daily Mail columnists have little idea of the subject they’re complaining about.

No wonder Wikipedia editors are banning them

  1. The fake news and blatant transmission of miss information will now do the country a great dis-service.
    I sm sure that futures history willbe quite critical of cettain factions of printedinted press.
    Ykur day ofreckoning will come..

  2. Should we accuse liars of lying?Most people know if they are lying.Sometimes it’s to save another’s feelings”Thank you for that lovely ( thinks: not to my taste ) vase.”But there are people who are such compulsive liars,who lie about everything to such an extent that that I am not convinced that they actually understand they are lying.You comment that Dan Hodges doesn’t seem to know what he is saying.Just my point.Very often people like this suffer from NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder e.g. they have never developed beyond the mentality of a 3-year old or as we say when these traits are still found in an “adult” : a conscienceless bully.They cannot give or receive empathy so that Trump who has achieved amazing things,the $ billions & the Presidency of the USA, tragically without love at the end of the day has nothing. He can only resort to dumping rage & frustration on everyone & everything.At the war’s end Hitler & his Allies killed 84 million.How many before Trump’s reign ends?

  3. The Daily Mail has had no credibility for years and has, in fact, become a long standing joke. Good for Wikipedia – let’s hope others follow the example.

  4. And to think Dan Hodges was once a member of the Labour Party…

    Kind of explains why some in the current PLP would be a better fit in Tory Party.

  5. Well done Wikipedia. And Dan Hodges has just managed to prove why Wikipedia took the action they did! Good job Dan!

  6. A reflection of how piss poor the media are in the UK. People should stop buying newspapers because there is little news in them.

  7. Just allow me to edit the last line. You wrote: “It’s almost like Daily Mail columnists have little idea of the subject they’re complaining about.”

    This should read: “Daily Mail columnists have absolutely no idea of the subject they’re complaining about.”

  8. Well done Wikipedia. I hope others follow suit. How anyone can go out and buy the Daily Mail and believe what they read in that trashy newspaper is beyond me. Please, please add The Sun, Express, The Star and People to your list. They all belong in the sewer.

  9. It’s the old gag
    Man gets a knock on the door, when he answers
    “Hi, I’m a journalist from the Daily Mail”
    Man replied
    “hmmmm, no – you can’t be both”

  10. OK Anonymous, Dan Hodges is a columnist for the Mail on Sunday, not the Daily Mail. This improves his position how, exactly?

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