The weakness in the Pound and increasing shortages of workers is likely to drive up prices for basic foodstuff in coming years, if employers are anything to go by.

More than a quarter of employers believe EU staff are considering leaving their jobs and possibly the UK this year, reports the Financial Times today.

It adds that almost half of all job vacancies are now in areas directly impacted by EU workers, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, health, accommodation and food services.

On top of that, EU workers are leaving farms, factories and restaurants in Britain at a much higher rate than earlier.

In the first quarter of 2016, 100 per cent of labour providers were able to recruit enough workers but by the second quarter 13 per cent were reporting shortages, rising to 47 per cent in the third quarter.

Beyond the food industry and agriculture, the public sector could also be hit by a drop in EU labour. The CIPD found that 43 per cent of education employers and 49 per cent of healthcare bosses think that EU workers are considering leaving their jobs this year.

Brexiters will no doubt claim this means more jobs for British workers, but in reality it means higher prices for everyone.

There won’t be enough workers to fill all these places, and many will have to retrain workers from scratch.

It also means some companies will go bust and others will have to raise prices for basic foodstuff.

And it will be worse if we leave the EU without a proper trade deal

  1. We need to get the remainers into work they only voted remain so that there would be no jobs left for them to do.

  2. Wait, I thought Remainers were the rich liberal elite who had cushy jobs and weren’t left behind by globalisation?

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