The man who wants to bring down the ‘political establishment’ is so desperate to be part of it that he’s willing to wage war with UKIP’s only MP over it.

Nigel Farage has written in the Telegraph today that he wants Douglas Carswell thrown out of UKIP.

Apparently, the MP for Clacton has has “brought constant division” and is “actively working against UKIP”.

But once the Telegraph went to Carswell for comment with Farage’s complaints, a slightly different picture emerged.

It turned out Farage is furious with Carswell for not actively pushing on his behalf to get a peerage.

Now, leaked emails seen by The Telegraph show Mr Carswell mocked Mr Farage’s chances of an honour after it was turned down, saying he should be given an award “for services to headline writers”.

Mr Farage said the leaked online exchange showed Mr Carswell was “consumed with jealousy and a desire to hurt me” and urged Paul Nuttall, Mr Farage’s successor, to sack him.

However, Mr Carswell insisted the leaked email “confirms that I made every effort to make sure that Ukip got its fair share of peerages and honours”. Mr Nuttall declined to comment.
Mr Farage and Lord Pearson – who had kept the campaign for Mr Farage’s knighthood secret – suggested the email showed that Mr Carswell had not seriously backed the honour.

Where to start? There had been no love lost between the two anyway, but it’s glorious to watch Farage pretend that Carswell not helping him out with a peerage means he is actively “working against UKIP”.

It’s likely UKIP members will see through the bluster.

What’s more interesting is that Paul Nuttall is keeping strictly quiet. On one hand he has to keep his former boss happy, on the other he needs Carswell too now he’s leader.

Farage doesn’t need Carswell anymore, he is too busy swanning around with “The Donald”.

But it turns out he does need the EU gravy train!

But these plans [to organise a peerage] were dropped when the pair realised Mr Farage would have to resign as an MEP first before being allowed to accept the peerage.

What would Farage do without the money he gets from the EU? How would he survive?

This expose shows beyond doubt what a self-serving, money-grabbing charlatan Farage is.

He is desperate to be part of the very political elite he keeps railing against

  1. “It’s likely UKIP members will see through the bluster.”

    Is it? They don’t strike me as the most rational bunch of people

  2. Re: Wilson.
    He’s done loads of things. But much of which might see you on your knees in front of the beak rather than the queen

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