The sheer hypocrisy of pro-Brexit Conservatives was laid bare yesterday when all those of whom campaigned with the NHS bus voted against their own promise.

MPs had the opportunity last night to push the government to honour its pledge of spending £350m a week extra for NHS after Brexit in an amendment.
Remember that bus, which said:

We send the EU £350m a week

Let’s fund our NHS instead

And yet when given the opportunity to do exactly that, every single Tory MP who rode around in that bus voted against the amendment.

That includes Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Priti Patel, Andrea Leadsom and Liam Fox.

Most of them rode around in the NHS bus and were co-chairs of the Vote Leave campaign (which came up with the pledge).

Chuka Umunna MP told BBC Five Live this morning:

It’s an absolute disgrace Leave MPs refused to put their money where their mouth is.

He told BBC the same last night.

The Tories took Leave voters for absolute mugs, and now they won’t even honour their campaign pledges

  1. Hypocrits. Where are they now?. In Theresa May’s cabinet helping to shape policy. Personal ambition versus conviction politicians. It is certainly not the latter. Do they care about the impact of their reckless campaign on ordinary people?.

    They have calculated that the people who voted Conservative will be the least affected by Brexit. Self interest drove their campaign from start to finish.

  2. I totally agree. We all knew these BrecTory MPs are a bunch of self servicing Hippocrates! Absolutely disgust me. We, the people OWN THE NHS It is up to us, who vote for our MPs, we have the power to get this bunch of UNCARING Tories told what we want for our NHS. Come on WAKE UP Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England! Stop getting the wool pulled over yir yes! Let’s stand together and sort out our NHS and carrying for the elderly!

  3. Not a Tory lie ! Many wanted to remain most notably the priminister and the ex . It was an anti eu lie which members of labour the tories and obviously ukip were part of

  4. The money will not be available till after we have left the EU, so it cant be given to the NHS yet. Also it is well known that the figure must be less as the statistics office did not take account of the UK rebate when calculating it.

  5. We all knew at the time that this figure did not take into account the EU rebate or the fact that it would not happen until the exit finally took place and we would still have to continue to pay certain amounts for various items. In relation to the NHS maybe we should look at the wasteful foreign aid contributions and the overseas visitors who are not entitled to the NHS services coming here for expensive treatment as a means of helping out the deficit which the NHS is suffering under.

  6. Regarding the NHS, a number of factors are at play. Big pharmacy have put up the prices of drugs the Health Service has to buy by several thousand per cent, foreign nurses are no longer getting visas, NHS direct sends everyone to A&E, and there is a total disconnect with outside health agencies, so hundreds of elderly hospital patients have nowhere to go and bed block. This alone costs the NHS hundreds of millions each year. This government knows this but will do nothing about it. Crippling the NHS ready for breakup, asset stripping and privatisation. The NHS is in crisis and they have much to do with it.

  7. bp wrote: “We all knew at the time that this figure did not take into account the EU rebate or the fact that it would not happen until the exit finally took place and we would still have to continue to pay certain amounts for various items”

    What bp meant was: “Most of us knew at the time this figure was a lie and we had no intention of spending it on the NHS but fortunately, enough people believed it to swing the vote”.

  8. Also, “they knew at the time that the figure did not include the Eu rebate because we all knew that at the time, yet they chose to use the figure anyway in attempt to deliberately mislead the public, who they consider to be stupid”

  9. In my youth I ws a member of the Anti Nazi League defending the right of people like Patel to be here.
    I can not express the disgust I feel when I realise how anti working class she ( and by implication people like her) turned out to be. Why did I bother!!!!!

  10. Nicholas Blackmore says:

    ‘Tory politician’ – from the Latin, noun, a person devoid of integrity, overpaid, fraudulent, who sells anything to anybody regardless of the consequences. Used mainly as a very disgusting insult.

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