Given that the last year hasn’t been generous to the former MP Zac Goldsmith, it’s brave of him to show no signs of retreating from the limelight and learning from his mistakes.

After all, who needs regrets, right?

This morning, Goldsmith lashed out at the Independent, though its not clear why.



Maybe he’s reinventing himself as a media critic!


Goldsmith got this response

And then he responded to that by saying



Wow. Just wow.

Even the Evening Standard ate humble pie afterwards and said Goldsmith’s campaign was toxic:

By contrast, the Tory campaign was catastrophically misjudged. The attempt to suggest that Mr Khan was sympathetic to extremism backfired badly: Londoners got a toxic whiff from the campaign and the result was that Mr Khan’s support was bolstered rather than otherwise. Many people were attracted to his life story: his rise from a council estate to become Mayor of London embodies the can-do, egalitarian character of the city.

Seems poor Zac Goldsmith still hasn’t gotten over his loss.

Maybe a few years in the wilderness might help?

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