When the Speaker of the House John Bercow criticised Trump a fortnight ago, Tory MPs were apoplectic.

Bercow had told MPs that he would not be inviting Trump to address MPs because of his “racist and sexist” views.

For that statement of the obvious Tory MPs vowed revenge, kicking of yet another ridiculous campaign against the Speaker.

Once again it was enthusiastically promoted by the right-wing press.

The Spectator’s James Forsyth wrote:

There’ll be a sizeable number of Tories who vote for it, 150 is the number being talked about tonight, and it will show how Bercow has lost the confidence of a section of the House.

The Telegraph also hyped it up:

John Bercow is facing a fight for his future as Speaker of the House of Commons after it emerged that up to 150 Tory MPs prepared to back a motion to oust him over his criticism of Donald Trump.

But the much-hyped revolt has had as much success as Paul Nuttall’s claims about Hillsborough.

The Times reports today:

Attempts to remove John Bercow as Speaker secured the public support of only five MPs, it emerged last night.

An early day motion put down by James Duddridge, Tory MP for Rochford and Southend East, had been signed by only four of his colleagues yesterday afternoon, according to MPs involved in the revolt.

Just five MPs!

What a pathetic shower

WATCH Bercow slam Trump

  1. The pathetic voice of extreme right wingers fizzles out to nothing. Sadly our Brexit nightmare is going to result in a disaster not explained to the people, and they will be angry. If our current MP’s think Gibraltar is angry wait till this all kicks off over the two years. I expect high sales in piano wire.

  2. Although Bercow only made his statement a fortnight ago, in the intervening fourteen days, The Donald has made cock-up after cock-up. He’s lost his security advisor, he’s made stupid comments about stuff that didn’t happen in Sweden, he’s made comments criticising a store chain because they had the temerity to drop his daughter’s clothing range. It goes on and on.
    Perhaps it’s finally dawning on Tory MPs that the guy (Trump) isn’t worth fighting for.

    The state visit is pencilled in for “later this year”. I have heard August mentioned when everyone will be on holiday and hopefully, no one will notice him sneaking into the country.

    On current performance, I wonder what the odds are on Trumpy still being in post in six months time?

  3. As I understand it the speaker remains neutral during political debates. No debate was underway when he said what he said about the Trump. Furthermore he was directly asked his opinion, so whether you agree with what he said or not, it wasn’t unreasonable for him to reply.

    I as I understand that , we call it democracy and freedom of speech but then grubby back bencher fame seeking Tories don’t accord that right, like the Faragist,s to anyone other than themselves.

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