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One of the most telling parts of the Trump-Russian saga is how desperate Wikileaks has become to defend Trump.

As soon as Buzzfeed and others started to report on the claims US intelligence agencies were making about Trump’s links to Russia, it went on the attack.

First it claimed the document was fake because it wasn’t in US intelligence “style”.


This was tweeted minutes after the Buzzfeed report, giving Wikileaks hardly any time to verify its contents.

Then it continued to try and undermine the reports, without actual evidence.


If the Buzzfeed report was “clearly bogus”, where was Wikileaks’s evidence?


This was the best Wikileaks could find?

Michael Cohen is Trump’s attorney, known for denying even basic claims about Trump campaign shakeups during the election.

It then carries on calling it a ‘dodgy dossier’



Which bit are we meant to disbelieve, that Russians spied on Trump or that Trump doesn’t have more skeletons in the closet?

Wikileaks has become a joke

  1. More bullshit thrown at the wikileak wall, yawn. Such old tactics are boring.

    First he’s a rapist, a coward, a traitor, a liar and now he’s a russki mole ! Well who’d of thunk it….

    You don’t think them Yankee doodles and their poodle, Uk, are filling us with WMD’s and beware the imminent attack BS AGAIN…..

  2. Wikileaks has been conned by Russia. They thought they were being clever. They could not resist the juicy haul of hacked emails from the Democratic Campaign. Instead they have undermined democracy and thoroughly discredited themselves in the procss. They are now part of the conspiracy to help a monster become President. Russia is an undemocratic criminal government run by a mafia organisation. Democracies need to wkae up. They are under treat.

  3. So Assange feels it is in everyone’s benefit to release private citizens personal information and communications. The opposite of Snowden.

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