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The SNP leader Angus Robertson is allowed two questions at PMQs every week, and he asks them with surgical precision.

Political Scrapbook doesn’t hold a candle for the SNP but credit where credit is due.

Robertson started by asking the Prime Minister what she planned to discuss with Donald Trump when she meets him later this week.

May waffled in broad generalities about “the special relationship” of course. But Robertson was merely laying the ground for the real point.

Then he asked:

The European Union, which we are still part of, has among the highest food safety standards anywhere in the world, and we are proud on our continent in having public national health systems.

The United States on the other hand, is keen to have health systems that are fully open to private competition. They want to export genetically modified organisms, beef raised with growth-harmones, and chicken meat washed with chlorinated water.

Will the Prime Minister tell President Trump that she is not prepared to lower our food and safety standards, or to open our health systems to privatisation, or does she believe this is a price worth paying for a UK-US trade deal.

This is an important question because May is indeed eager (almost desperate, some would say) for a quick trade deal with the US after Brexit to signal success.

But that opens the UK up to more NHS privatisation and our food industry to US companies that have lower health standards.

Theresa May knew what the implications were, and hence just gave a vague, short answer:

We will be looking for a UK-US trade deal that improves trade between our two countries, that will bring prosperity and growth to this country, that will ensure we can bring jobs to this country as well, and I can ensure the Right Honourable Gentleman as well, that in doing that, we will put UK interests and UK values first.

In other words, she refused to give an guarantees at all.



Not many realise the implications of what he was asking but keep an eye on this issue

  1. margaret mcgugan says:

    Well if we import rubbish from the usa that will be good for the private NHS its a win win win to print cash for the rich,,,

  2. Imports of meat/meat products to uk/eu from usa are currently banned due to their widespread use of growth hormones. There is no way this should be changed.

  3. Indy 2 now this has proved were no equals yet it’s Scotland that puts most money in Westminster pot are wee FECKIN stupid or what Indy 2 now

  4. Typical of the tories, money first and foremost before health & safety, all sorts of bugs and sub standard food, we get sick and the tories with shares in private health care get richer, great scam eh

  5. As long as we have freemasons and other devil worship cults controlling English and US policy and governments. We will never have democracy. Serving baal or Jahbulon far outweighs the health and well being of the people. Greed is the word.

  6. Freemasonry and other devil worshiping cults are the special relationship. Serving baal or Jahbulon is their purpose. Keep minions in their place and suppress differing honest opinions. USA is and always has been based on greed and domination. Tory/Baal adherents. The union is a figment of our imagination.

  7. Yep.. You can’t be sure Theresa May and other wealthy people won’t be eating unsafe food. I can’t believe this is happening. The public should be very alarmed.

  8. Being an ex trucker I’ve drove loads from jute, sand,jeeps and trailers chilled and frozen foods in an artic I always went down south to England fully loaded but many times I returned to Scotland empty or half empty so I can’t see where Scotland needs England its more like England needs Scotland, you do the maths….

  9. jim cockerhead says:

    Please please tell me when the good people of England will open thier eyes and rise up against this train wreck of a govt? how much times and what needs to happen before England roars?
    As for the other countries associated with the UK, I think its high time we all went our seperate ways, whats wrong with just being friends. There is to much difference within the 4 nations and the current set up is unworkable and lets be honest unfair on ALL the 4 nations.
    Brexit is Brexit, but it is not right that any one of the UK nations can be taken out of somthing the countries population voted to remain in. This is a fundamental failing of a UK govt than has little respect for all four nations. Time I would say for us all to go our seperate ways as the UK does not work for all. This cant be denied by anyone.

  10. A politicians way a avoiding the answer and not giving a concrete yes or no, something we all expect from Civil Servant working for the public or….? Don’t believe MAY her priorities are other spheres of interest….

  11. Now we see why all the pro vote brexit guns all went their seperate ways after they won the vote.
    Teressa May has not a clue except for making as much cash as she can without any care for health. Let all the .four nstions stand up and reject any modified food from the usa.

  12. Theresa May has never answered a question in her role of prime minister, not even if it is asked four times, she will waffle on and avoid answering.
    So, what is the point of prime ministers’ question time?

  13. Treasure Island will become the dumping ground of the world and these people and their ineptitude should be held to account for their skullduggery.honourable ladies and gentlemen my arse.

  14. Alan Campbell says:

    An unelected Prime Minister floundering out of her depth and always trying to portray how she’s in charge of everything. Time for mass protests to show enough is enough.

  15. We can expect no different with a government hell bent on profit, they need this approach because it helps trying to cover the debt that is soaring above the UK.
    The old do not matter, the disabled do not matter, food quality does not matter, nothing is sacred in pursuit of profit.

    What we can be sure of is Tories will hold shares of companies that are likely to benefit from their policies. Whether you like it or not, the SNP is the most competent government in the UK. They will cut free at some point.

  16. Richard Palmer says:

    Totally agree she is not fit to be prime minister. But by the same there are no MPs from the English parties fit to govern or become leaders. Just let Scotland go and in 5years the working class of England will be knocking on the border door

  17. May will put U.K. Interests and values first. Trump has declared US only first. What could possibly go wrong?

  18. Let’s get this put to bed Give Scotland another Indy referendum with the ruling no matter what the result there will not be another one for at least 25 years..
    If the outcome is yes we go our own way with no interference. If the answer is no we unite and do the best we can for the union

  19. May never gives a straight answer. Evasive as ever, churning out a prepared response written for her. Waffle waffle waffle.

  20. She’s paid by taxpayers, and is surely accountable to us.
    I agree that her waffle and spin are not acceptable.
    Surely we have a right to straight, explicit answers to simple questions from “our” Prime Minister?

  21. Elizabeth Russell says:

    I see no reason why you said ‘Pokitical Scrapbook doesn’t hold a candle for the SNP but…’ I expect you to support any good idea, question, comment no matter where it comes from. Do you prefix comments from other parties in the same way?

  22. Philip Alan Bartram says:

    May is a hypocrite. On the eve of the hated referendum, she answered questions at a meeting here in Stourbridge. She was 99% in favor of remain, referring from her experience as Home Secretary to the importance of international security. Her only reservation about the EU was the bureaucracy of the EU. Now she talks about the people having spoken, well yes, 37 % have. Do we have to. Take this lying down?

  23. Martin Fuller says:

    Tories take note, The Poll Tax fiasco finished Thatchers reign and caused civil unrest Brexit is Poll Tax v2, The Voters will not forgive or forget a Brexit that damages the economy or sells out the NHS to the Yanks. Tories will pay a very heavy price at the next GE and will lose local power before that.

  24. Alan Carmichael says:

    When the tories sell off NHS England to the USA will that give privatisation access to NHS Scotland if we are still part of the UK?

  25. I’ve been spouting the same message on bbc’s HYS. I also think the snp should stand in England so we can all vote for them as our lot won’t stand up the USA

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