Jeremy hunt run

The Health Secretary was asked today about his comments on NHS waiting lists, yet he tried his best to run away.

But as he was being questioned by Sky News’s Beth Rigby, Hunt got lost and had to do a literal u-turn.

Rigby asked:

Beth Rigby: You said that the four-hour waiting list is very important. Are you now saying you’re not scrapping four-hour waiting lists or watering it down? I mean the public will want to know Mr Hunt.

Jeremy Hunt: I’ve answered questions on this already.

Beth Rigby: But you didn’t answer questions. You said that it was over targets in the House of Commons, and that you don’t want to water it down. Is that what you’re saying. I think the public would like to know wouldn’t they? Because you’ve also got Mr Hassan, who is President of the emergency A&E, saying that one in four emergency services are in crisis, Mr Hunt.

Mr Hunt its very difficult as how are we going to explain to the public what your intention is if you change your position and won’t answer the question? Mr Hunt?


Well done to Beth Rigby for being so persistent!

The controversy erupted yesterday after Jeremy Hunt told Parliament the Tory government is looking to ditch four-hour targets for A&E.

Now it seems he is backtracking on that claim.



Hunt is definitely on the run now over NHS crisis

  1. And in Scotland, according to the Tories, Labour and the LibDems, the NHS is in crisis because it is not exceeding 98% within the 4 hours target. Oooooh SNPbad!

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