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If you thought Theresa May had a bad time today at #PMQs after being asked about the NHS crisis, that doesn’t compare to government minister Damian Green.

Green was on the BBC’s Daily Politics show this morning just before PMQs and was asked about the growing crisis at the NHS and social care.

But his answers were so pitiful that presenter Andrew Neil couldn’t help take them apart.

WATCH the full sorry episode


The Tories deserve as much scrutiny and abuse they can get on this

  1. I suppose they expected the blame to fall on the NHS and the doctors. After all Mr Hunt isnt the responsible minister any more in fact none of them are responsible. This proves that we respect and trust our medical proffesionals a lot more than we trust the politcians who have so comprehensively told the MSM that its not their fault the country has gone to the dogs on their watch. Roll on the revolution!

  2. I shouldn’t be saying this but if any of this shower of shite of a government’s family members died because they couldn’t get the treatment they needed or get into a hospital it would change overnight! Set of ruthless uncaring Bastards the lot of em

  3. I said after Thatcher never to let them in again. People have short memories. The Tories made devastating financial cuts to Councils, Essex had a cut of £120M but being a Tory run council they punish residents by increasing parking fees and cutting essential child care and elderly services because of course, they do not use them and blame and punish the poor who do.

  4. This crisis has been in the making for years and years. The wastage in the NHS is beyond belief! It doesn’t need more money necessarily, it needs better management. It needs to reduce the number of suits who haven’t got a clue and only have eyes on the money and give managerial posts to medics who understand human needs and also how systems work. The privatisation of the NHS has already begun in some parts of the country with social care being outsourced…the Tories are slowly getting their right wing policies in place.
    A sad day….

  5. He has told them how it is and they are still calling us people that are ill statistics we live in this country and will die in this country and just be statistics I suppose.

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