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Student Amal was fed up seeing misleading headlines about Muslims in the press, so she decided to do something about it.

She got together a group of friends and created a video calling on the Sun and the Daily Mail for a meeting so they could express their concerns.

The video has gone viral.


Amal now says The Sun’s editor has agreed to a meeting, but they haven’t heard back from the Daily Mail.

She is part of Advocacy Academy, a Social Justice Fellowship for young people passionate about making a difference.

The Academy says it support young leaders from marginalised communities, “to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century”.

Political Scrapbook asked Amal why she started this. She says:

The only ask really, is for them to hear our personal stories of growing up in a society that allows the release of headlines which fuel hatred against Muslims.

All I want is for them to be a little bit more conscious and sensitive when in future, they mention Muslims in reports.

Yesterday Political Scrapbook reported that Mail Online and Sun had published stories of a Muslim gunman in Spain shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and wearing a suicide vest.


sun mailonline

The identical reports were both untrue. The Sun has now amended its story, without acknowledging the mistake, while the Mail story remains as is.

When will Britain’s tabloid media change their own culture of fake news?

  1. Brave youngsters. The accepted advice is ‘dont put your hed above the parapet cos it will get shot off.’ Speaking truth to power is to be much admired. Peace, love and more power to their elbow.

  2. Kevin atkinson says:

    these young people are to be admired not villivied. All peoples of faith need to stand behind them and call out with them the press that would seek easy headlines that create such Emnity between people’s

  3. Good for them. It’s refreshing to see young people challenging the bile spewed out by these fetid newspapers day after day. I don’t suppose for one second the bigoted Mail or the Sun will take one bit of notice but it’s great that someone is not prepared to let them get away with it.

  4. Brilliant. Well done! We don’t need these newspapers spouting untruths and fueling hate. We all know there is good and bad in every society. How about just sticking to the truth? Surely that’s easy enough to do?

  5. The Daily Hate Mail will never agree – inciting racial hatred and fear is their bread and butter. It’s the most vile and dangeorus publication in this spiteful, backward looking little country and the most popular, a fact that speaks volumes about the mentality of your average Brit.

    Big applause to the students for even trying, though – the only way to beat a bully is to challenge them face to face because they’ll always chicken out. I’m already imagining the ‘editorial team’ (if you can even call them that) at The Fail crouching in the corner hissing ‘Turn the telly and the lights off – they’ll think we’re out…’ Pathetic.

  6. Elizabeth Mullins says:

    Agree with the comments above but I would add all people with conscience. Faith is part of it but anyone whi cares about truth and social justice, whether they follow a religion or not, can support these young people. Proud to be in the same country as them.

  7. I appreciate and I amalso very proud with my youngstres. What they doing at least some one stand for justice and asked their rights. I am also agree with others five peoples comments and appropriate them and their fairness.

  8. Tried to play video without success, the only video so to do. Is this censorship? If so, would you please censor the trump man, he is everywhere.

  9. Great: bright, intelligent young people trying to sort out their complaints by talking to the people responsible, rather than trolling abusive comments or threats behind anonymity. Good to see. Well done and best wishes for a meaningful outcome but be prepared for actually achieving less than you hope for.

  10. I am full of admiration for Amal and her friends for taking the trouble to do this remarkable work on behalf of the beleaguered Muslim community in the UK, well done and keep up the good work, may Allah bless you all.

  11. Well done to all the youngsters who were involved in making this video and speaking up on our behalf. Don’t let anyone shush you. You have bn given a voice so speak out.

  12. Excellent piece. I hope the editors of those newspapers will respond positively, and their readers will be enlightened as a result.

  13. Well done it about time Muslims youngsters stand up and fight the unjust media war against Islamophobia…

  14. Hi young friends in the advocacy world
    I need urgen help
    Would like your help urgently
    Please contact me


  15. As a Christian, I pray for all who are trying to overcome such stereotyping of people of all faiths, but especially Muslims.

  16. Thank You young people.
    I was begining to find it hard to be proud to be ‘British’ in this post referendum world.
    Now I have some faith that Britain is not going to be over riden by ‘little englanders’.
    Lets all try to be proud of the Britain we love, where all people of all nations of all faiths and no faith are welcome. – Nameste

  17. Well done Amal and co for taking a stand. You might be young but you have a voice to speak out against mis reporting in the media. I wish you every success. We are proud of you.

  18. Since Crusade, West was against Muslims and Islam. British media is against Muslims and Islam and this is the main reason why educated Brits are reverting to Islam.

    Why would highly educated people around the world accept Islam or embrace Islam ??? Even after all the media have portrayed Islam in negative way or misrepresented Islam always in a worst manner ??? Why would a country where you could find highest number of churches in the world turn into highest numbers of mosques ???? According to Islam ,when Jesus comes back Muslims and Christians both will follow him and also some Jews will … And about the media , they are not protecting Islam ,they are trying to spread hatred of Islam all over the world so that no more people accepts Islam but unfortunately to the ones who hate Islam , after every time they try to spread hatred about Islam more and more people accepts Islam …

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