Paul Nuttall

This is how UKIP start the new year with a big bang: a call for the UK to get back to its past in a hopeless bid for glory.

UKIP’s leader Paul Nuttal endorsed a new idea this morning:


So this is what it comes down to.

UKIP will make Brexit a success by bringing back the crown stamp on pint glasses and blue passports.

Bill Etheridge [UKIP], who represents the West Midlands in the European Parliament, believes a move back to the UK Government stamp, guaranteeing full and half-pint glasses are the correct size, could help revive Britain´s glass-making sector.

An EU Measuring Instruments Directive which came into force in late 2006 meant manufacturers had to mark the letters “CE” on newly-made pint pots, although existing Crown-stamped glasses could still be used in pubs.

This stamp can already be affixed to pint glasses, it should be emphasised again

In May 2007 a group of Conservative MEPs said they were reassured by a letter from a vice-president of the European Commission that “a Crown stamp look-alike could naturally be affixed to the glass, as long as it is done in such a way that it is not confused with the CE marking.

In other words, UKIP once again pushing old policies that could already be implemented or just aren’t a concern.

Sounds about right

  1. If drinking is the only thing on there mind, I rather think that havent progressed beyond ‘Teen think’. Makes me wonder what else is lurking in those depths. Sex?

  2. Pampering to those with dreams of Empire and one foot in the grave. Bring back the farthing as well; Farage’s face on it and forget the “h”.

  3. Jacob Rees-Moggy says:

    Nonsense you remoaners. Can’t you see what a massive potential export market there must be for glasses marked with imperial measures? Today the imperial glasses, tomorrow the imperial empire!
    (Lol, bring it on, suck it up etc)

  4. So, people of the West Mids, the guy suggesting this gets paid circa 85k (or more since the pound fell), plus expenses, to represent your interests. Does he care about Brexit risks to manufacturing plant closures, employment law, cost of living rises, the NHS (which Nuttall wants to scrap) or the fact that Birmingham air pollution levels are illegally high and Leadsom and Fox’s proposals will make this worse? No. He cares about what symbol is printed on pint glasses down the pub. Is this value for your money? If not, please tell him so.

  5. Bearing in mind that Farage’s entire political career has been about him wanting to have a fag in his local, so this seems something of an homage from the new “leadership”.

  6. Do UKIP voters realise the party is run by a vollectiom of nutcases? Do they even know the parties policies?

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