Owen Paterson

Two leading Brexiters went to Berlin this weekend to woo German businesses in the hope of undercutting Angela Merkel’s hostility to Brexit.

But the trip did not go anywhere near as well as they hoped.

Leading it were the Tory MP headbanger Owen Paterson (pictured) and John Longworth, co-chair of Leave Means Leave.

They came to Berlin to try and get German businesses to lobby Merkel to give Britain a better deal during Brexit negotiations.

Instead they were subjected to sniggers, rolling eyes and sarcastic laughs.

A BBC journalist reports:

The laughter from the audience quickly turned to sniggers as they heard the UK described as “a beacon of open, free trade around the world”. […]

When Europe was blamed for spending cuts and a lack of British health care provision, there were audible mutters of irritation from the audience.

The occasional light-hearted attempts at EU-bashing – usually guaranteed to get a cheap laugh with some British audiences – was met with stony silence. […]

When the audience was asked how many of them welcomed Brexit, only one hand went up – and it turned out that belonged to a businessman who wanted more EU reform and was fed up with Britain slowing things down.

This isn’t surprising at all.

In fact, as Political Scrapbook has repeatedly pointed out, German firms aren’t dreading Brexit like many the newspapers here think.

In fact they would rather protect the EU Single Market.

Why? Because the EU is a far bigger market than the UK, and preserving the EU makes more sense to them, financially and politically.

Paterson and Longworth’s shock at how they were treated shows how delusional they were

  1. Timothy O Pettit says:

    Some if not all of our oligarchs live blindered to reality. Globalism cannot be shut out but in ignorance is attempted to be. In Britain and here in (California) USA we imagine, insist we are islands of entitlement. But isolationism is no longer practicable, as time will show.

    Truly open eyes would also regard morality, for example racism and refugee issues, as challenges not to be shirked.

  2. Claire Laila Dines says:

    Two arrogant deluded men who advocated walking out the front door of the club are now trying to regain entrance and membership goodies through the back door.
    Derision fully deserved!

  3. I’m pretty sure now that “brexit” is really a conspiracy of the pop-corn industry to sell more of their product. See me here, munching away on it… munch, munch …

  4. Patrick Graham says:

    People find it hard to believe that most European business folk look down on the UK for very good, evidence based, reasons –
    and that was the case long before Farage and his band of braindead minions decided to make them actively despise us as a bunch of arrogant morons.

  5. Not in my name, or the 73% of the UK population who did not vote for Brexit {plus the 3.5 million EU citizens and 3 million UK citizens denied a vote by Cameron who broke his promise. All that matters to me is retaining my citizenship of 27 other EU countries – my freedom to live, study, work, travel, run a business and retire in those countries without restriction.

  6. How deluded they are, they probably thought that the Germans would welcome them with open arms… Idiots!

  7. @Alan Day. Biggest customer? UK accounts for around 7% of EU exports. Sounds like you are trying to pull something.

  8. No, it isn’t. Depending on what you include, exports to the UK account for between 8% -13% of EU exports. The higher figure is the one typically used by Kippers and Brexiters. Actually, they tend to either quote the value (because it sounds a lot) or the completely misleading 44% export V 52% import stat.

    Exports to the EU also account for 13% of UK GDP, whereas the EU’s exports to the UK account for less than 3% of their GDP.

    Although the EU won’t want to lose that 3%, they can afford to. To lose that 13% however, would be catastrophic for the UK. Not least for motor manufacturing, who sell 80% of their output to the EU.

    Brexiters are masters at producing “alternative facts”.

  9. Only an idiot would say to the EU we are leaving but hey don’t leave us, give us your business but we don’t want you. Germans don’t care if the UK leave, there’s no down side for them.

  10. Herr leopold tha great says:

    Alan day stfu you hun clown when you moving to england you and your people need deported quick style if you want the queen as head of state go to england then you twat

  11. “A BBC journalist reports…” but have the BBC reported this story. Does the journalist fear for his job if he shows up the Tory MPs for the blinkered idiots they are?

  12. Laughable little Englanders who stil think of dsts of empire. I now live in Portugal and have met peoe from.the UK who voted leave ans have this ambition if moving here to Portugal, when I informm them they may mot be allowed to after brezor they ask why not, this sense of entitlement is very annoying. I am also asked am I worried about Brexit, to which I reply to which I reply I am more worried for thhe ordinary people of the UK. Rhese xlowns have no idea of wjat they have done to their country, thank Gos I had an Iriah mother and hacve Irish citizenship.

  13. Who do you believe? Trade links with the UK are important to Germany.

    “Carmakers warned on Thursday that Brexit would hit German exports to Britain, and disrupt international supply chains.

    About a fifth of all cars produced in Germany last year, or around 820,000 vehicles, were exported to the UK, making it the single biggest destination by volume.”.

    ‘Matthias Wissmann, president of the VDA, Germany’s automotive industry association, said in Berlin on Thursday: “Keeping Britain in the EU is more significant than keeping Greece in the euro.”’

    The UK may be leaving the EU but I think Companies like Mercedes would be foolish not to seek a mutually beneficial relationship.

  14. I wish people would stop using terms like brit and british. This whole fuckfest can be laid squarely at the feet of the english, no-one else. As some of the comments above have already indicated, this situation has come about due to their arrogance, well recognised across Europe. Going to eu countries and telling them how much they need trade with the uk will do nothing to change anyone’s attitude toward them

  15. I really hope this report is true. The shame. I still want to add that 48% who voted wanted to remain in the EU. Please don’t forget that when all around are claiming this is “the will of the people”

  16. 52% to 48% means only 4 more people in 100 voted for an advisory ,not mandatory, leave.
    Sadly many older people who wear poppies have already forgotten that those they are remembering died to make a Europe at peace. Now the shadows of division are growing again and I am ashamed my country is helping their growth.

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