Trump wants a ‘trade deal’ with the UK that he can cancel in 30 days. What a joke


Imagine the scene. Your negotiators have spent the good part of a decade working out a trade deal with the United States.

Then one day Trump gets angry with something he sees on TV, or Twitter, and says he wants the whole thing cancelled in 30 days.

Who would want a trade deal like that?

Apparently, Trump does. Last night Reuters reported on remarks made to Republicans by the Buffoon-in-Chief:

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he would strike numerous bilateral trade deals, as opposed to multilateral accords like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and they would include clauses to allow a 30-day termination notice.

“Believe me, we’re going to have a lot of trade deals,” Trump told a gathering of Republican lawmakers. “If that particular country doesn’t treat us fairly, we send them a 30-day termination, notice of termination.”

It’s worth reiterating that bilateral deals can take years to negotiate. Seven years seems to be the average.

The UK wants a quick trade deal with the US, but also one with the EU. Both are possible.

But given that the EU and the US have very different standards, especially in food production, a quick trade deal to satisfy both sides seems unlikely.

On top of that, a 30 day termination notice?

They may as well not bother. Trump is unhinged