Theresa May Maybe

Theresa May has finally made it to the front cover of the Economist.

But it’s unlikely that Downing Street will crow about it.

Here is their full cover piece:


Theresa May Maybe


The leader article is even worse. It says:

Yet caution has started to look like indecision. Her most senior official in Brussels has just resigned, saying that the government does not have a clear Brexit plan (see article). After six months it is hard to name a single signature policy, and easy to cite U-turns.

The article then goes on to cite those u-turns and ends with a comparison to Gordon Brown:

One person can just about run the Home Office single-handed. But being prime minister requires delegation—especially when Brexit looms so large. Care for the elderly is fraying. The National Health Service is running out of money. A housing shortage is worsening. Scotland and Northern Ireland are raising awkward constitutional questions. As long as every proposal has to be pored over by the prime minister, radical decisions of the sort needed to solve these problems will not be taken. To get a grip on Britain, Mrs May must learn to loosen hers.

For this, she must decide what the grand promises of her government actually amount to. The need for every policy to be agonised over in Downing Street, the secrecy over Brexit and the silence on the government’s broader plans for Britain all point to the same problem: Theresa Maybe does not really know what she wants.

Ouch, ouch, ouch.

And yet, in response, the best the PM can come up with is to reheat old slogans about Brexit.

No wonder ‘Theresa Maybe’ is going to stick

  1. She was an absolutely hopeless Home Secretary, so is perfect for the job of ruining the country. Cameron must be laughing his knackers off

  2. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    Delegating is usually a good idea. But if you’ve put into the positions you’d delegate to:
    1, a lazy clown who opted for Leave because he thought they’d lose,
    2, a discredited lying far-right anti-EU obsessive who thinks diplomacy means trying to pass your boyfriend off as a government official to foreign contacts
    3, a not-too-bright anti-EU obsessive who’s now beginning to realise that things are more complicated than they seemed
    4, a bunch of other mediocrities who only qualify because they weren’t Friends of Dave and Gideon,
    then you inevitably would want to do everything yourself (especially if you are unaware that your own qualities are not much better than those of the bunch of duffers you’ve over-promoted).
    Stupidity won the referendum and stupidity will continue to determine our future, here as in America. If we let it.

  3. Robert Malcolm Kay says:

    I can almost forgive her dithering, given the impossible situation with Brexit. But I cannot, and will not, forgive her bullying of the weak and defenceless.

  4. And we are ridiculing Trump – we need first to get our house in order. Mrs May is sadly a huge disappointment – she has no-one to give her sound advice and seems unable to forge the way ahead – time to see the error of Brexit especially when there is no plan other than “Brexit means Brexit”. For goodness sake have the courage to see what is before you instead of insisting the ’emperor is wearing clothes’ when it’s plain for all to see he is naked with nothing to offer.

  5. Theresa May was called the submarine because she shied away from making decisions. She is clearly not up to the job. All she wants to do is abandon our human rights which is dangerous.
    If she had any sense she would realise that Brexit no longer want Brexit and would call for a new referendum with new rules of ethics and a compulsory vote for all those above 16 years of age.

  6. Charles Fulford says:

    Brexit means….Cock-up. And not just one cock-up but dozens of potential cock-ups that have yet to emerge. Theresa May was not so effective in her previous post as she would have you (or even herself) believe. If you look past the sickening, uber sincere speeches that she makes there is little substance. Most of what she has done is the total antithesis of what she preaches. The whole Tory Party is relying on the right wing press to perpetuate the lie that anything is ‘safe in their hands’ and to continue to rubbish the Opposition – in particular Jeremy Corbyn. Admittedly the latter is aided and abetted by some pretty unintelligent behaviour within the Labour Party who really should have realised by now that they desperately need to consolidate into a cohesive Opposition Party if there is any hope in hell of ousting this incompetent and dangerous Tory Government. I’m afraid that no matter how much syrup Mrs May pours on her pious ‘promises’ they have no substance or real promise.

  7. Hypocrisy, lies, elitism, cronyism. Whatever happened to straight talking and honesty. In my opinion, Mrs May has not demonstrated any clear signs of integrity, compassion and kindness towards the general public. She makes a mockery of statements about wanting a fairer Britain whilst taking measures to make the rich richer and the poor ever more desperate. Brexit is an utter shambles and the UK is clearly adrift for want of strong leadership and vision. If she has any courage she would either resign or call for another referendum on Brexit. The outcome of which would be very predictable. Mrs May is in an unenviable position and she needs to call it a day for the sake of Britain

  8. She has covered up that Barclays Bank Spain was involved in Fraud, Corruption and Money Laundering when they traded in Spain. The Financial Services together with other Government departments together with the SEVEN C.E.O.’s/ CHAIRS have ignored my requests for an independent investigation into Barclays Bank Spain issuing a mortgage on my ILLEGAL property when the INITIAL SURVEY clearly shows the illegality of my property. I have been fighting Barclays for over THIRTEEN YEARS and FOUR PRIME MINISTERS HAVE IGNORED mine and others plight.

  9. Judith Salmon says:

    At this point one looks back at David Cameron as a safe pair of hands with a certain amount of nostalgia -BUT I will never forgive him for a) calling the referendum and b) running such an appalling negative campaign instead of focusing on what was good about the EU and how much the UK gained from it.

  10. I have no love for this unelected PM.we need a GE. The Corruption in Westminster is intolerable. The Disabled, the poor . Are neglected. The Tory’/ haven’t a clue. They appear to believe the UK is England. There is 4 in this U.K. Scotland is a Sovereign Country. It is also the Money. Westminster has stolen Scotland’s Revenues for years. We are awake to this. Labour will never ever make a comeback in Scotland. No matter how much Bias Broadcasting of the BBC. And Media lies. We have been through it 2014. We will come back stronger. May will go down as the Unelected PM. That lost Scotland.

  11. People were sold a referendum on lies by self serving politicians, the public voted on knee jerk reaction on not only their fears of uncontrolled immigration but distaste of those self serving politians. The country deserves an opertunity to vote again not only on Brexit but on which government should do it. A general election should be called and Brexit halted if May had any guts at all this is her only way forward.

  12. Theresa certainly talks the talk. Her theme tune while she takes the nation south might well come from the musical South Pacific:

    “Happy talk, keep talking happy talk,
    Talk about things you’d like to do,
    You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream,
    How you gonna have a dream come true?

  13. It seems a lot of remoaners are giving vent to their feelings above. What they fail to realise is that if this country is ever to be FAIR TO ALL then it must be democratised. The first and most important step toward doing this is to leave the EU lock, stock and barrel. Stop this nonsense about soft Brexit, elections and 2nd referendums. Only once we have our country back can we start the real work. Abolish the House of Lords and replace with an elected senate (around 50 members only). Create a better House of Commons by stopping the political parties busing in their cronies into constituencies (sorry Boris) – make eligibility for candidacy dependent on a residency qualification. Reform the electoral boundaries. Then find a way to reflect the voting preferences of electors – not 1.5m voters for SNP (56 MP’s) and 3.5m voters for UKIP (1 MP). At the moment general elections are just a joke and the EU is an even sicker joke.

  14. Richard Neville says:

    We ARE & have long been ~ Act of Union 1707…some 300+ years ~ a parliamentary democracy…deluded ‘kippers’ really need to understand this better it would seem.
    Read Albert Venn Dicey.

  15. Please could the “Liberal Lefties” give it a rest. Stop remoaning and at least wait until the end of March before prattling on. If you do not understand the disastrous economics of the EU, keep out of the fray. The rather blinkered people who want to stay on board a sinking ship, but cannot the large hole in the hull, should surely spend a bit of time reading up on facts – not follow the left wing as it flies into the sun.

  16. Only a general election will clear the air. This government is a dead duck. May’s only ambition at Oxford was to have ambition, and she’s just as bad now.

  17. I agree with much of what John Oxlade says, but it’s beyond me why we need to leave the EU to do any of it. At least the EU parliament has PR already, and there is no unelected upper chamber.

  18. Theresa Maybe and all the Leavers think they should keep all their bargaining chips close to their chest so that they would blackmail the rest of Europe during Brexit discussions .Come on people stop being naive because rest of Europe is aware what the UKs demands would be .David Davies and stupid Boris and T Maybe – without forgetting Moron Faraj -to be locked up for lying .

  19. Grasping at a situation that she does not support just to grab leadership of the country. Tries to behave like Thatcher. Tries to look like Princess Diana. Was not elected by the people of the UK. Fails in all things.
    All in all Teresa Maybe is a suitable leader for the deluded leavers who want to believe that they carry the support of the majority when in fact they collected votes of no confidence in a pseudo democracy and it’s pathetically incompetent politicians.
    The price that the good British people pay for their lack of involvement in politics is to be lead by bad and incompetent people.

  20. And a general election will prove what exactly ? There is no alternative to the Tory scum – you really think Corbyn has a chance ??? dont make me laugh.

    We’re doomed, doomed I tell you . . . .

  21. Britain is in such a mess – God himself could not sought it out, let alone Theresa May. But heh, the quality of retired life here in The Canary Islands is just incredible and I feel so sorry for people who have to live in the U.K.

  22. Whoever thinks the BBC is left leaning obviously hasn’t seen its political programmes over the last few years.

    When it’s reported that a political editor has been negatively reporting on Corbyn, QT requesting BF to attend QT as audience members coupled with a hierarchy full of right wing/ Tory leaning “experts”, I think it’s clear where their bias is.

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