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The Sun newspaper has come out in support of Donald Trump today – surprise surprise! – and criticises Buzzfeed for ‘making a mockery’ of journalism.

Let’s just marvel at the shamelessness of the newspaper here.

The paper that is constantly forced into corrections for its bad reporting is accusing others of making a mockery of the trade?

In an editorial today, published in defense of Trump, the Sun says of Buzzfeed:

It has made a mockery of ­journalism. It came across highly damaging and sexually explicit allegations about ­Donald Trump, could not confirm them and had “serious reason to doubt” them . . . but published them in full anyway.

Why? So readers “can make up their own minds”.  And that, said their editor-in-chief, is “how we see the job of reporters in 2017”.

This, from the newspaper that published numerous claims from the Iraq ‘dodgy dossier’ without even verifying them!

Someone remind Sun hacks about this:

25 September 2002: The Sun newspaper, Britain’s biggest selling daily, has the headline: “Brits 45 mins from doom” about the threat to troops in Cyprus.

Whatever happened to that claim?

Or what about this?

Buzzfeed published a document that hadn’t been verified but came from good sources – a fact even the U.S. intelligence agencies have recognised. None of the US spy agencies have disputed the dossier Buzfeed published or called them false.

But The Sun is so eager to be on Trump’s side, they will happily throw credible journalists under the bus.

What else did we expect from the Murdoch owned rag?

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