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The Sun and Mail Online’s reports that a gunman who ‘screamed Allahu Akbar’ and opened fire in Spanish supermarket were complete rubbish.

The stories were published in the Sun and Mail Online yesterday, and then travelled to Fox News as well as outlets in Australia.

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The Sun reported:

A GUNMAN carrying “gunpowder and petrol” in a rucksack was said to scream “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire in a Spanish supermarket. The attacker walked into the Mercadona shop in the As Lagoas district of Ourense before firing several shots into the air.

Mail Online reported the same details.

But both newspapers hadn’t done their research properly it seems.

The Spain Report found (via @JoshFeldberg):

Spanish police and the supermarket chain Mercadona both confirmed to The Spain Report on Thursday morning that the shots fired at a store in Ourense (Galicia) were not part of a terrorist attack, refuting claims reported yesterday in British tabloid newspapers The Sun and the Daily Mail.

“He had no terrorist link at all”, said a police spokeswoman: “it was not a robbery either. At one point in the video footage, he can be seen eating a banana and smoking a cigarette”.

The man in question was a Spanish national who had “decreased mental faculties” according to the police.

And a spokesperson for the supermarket confirmed he had neither shouted ‘Allahu Akhbar’ nor wore a suicide vest.

This comes on the same day that The Sun accused Buzzfeed of “making a mockery of journalism”.

Oh how we laughed at that one

  1. I live in Pamplona and saw the video,he was a local man with mental issues,he fired at the ceiling and destroyed bodega area with his shotgun,daily hate and street of shame!

  2. These papers should both be shut down for their persistent dishonesty and lies and for conspiring to promote xenophobic hate.
    We need Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun free zones designated zones in all public spaces.

  3. You have to wonder what the agenda is for the Sun and the Mail. These are owned by super rich and powerful people. They are nasty but not fools. They treat their readers like fools and they spread hatred. But why?
    Are we easier to manage if we are divided? Do we kick up less fuss if we can blame the huge and growing inequalities on an “enemy” – foreigners? Do we cease to be a threat to those super rich if they can fool us into looking to someone – other than them – to blame?

  4. Rhetorical questions Phil Jones. The answers to each, apart from the initial ‘Why?” is “Yes, Of Course! That is the reason for the existence of such rags – they are a Vital component of the Mass Media Propaganda Mill !.” Now ‘Why?” Because it serves the purpose – refer to the answers to the other questions that follow. Yes, the owners do ‘treat their readers like fools’ – simply because those who believe the propaganda ARE! Deaf, Dumb and Blind – they consume their daily dose of ready-made ‘pap’ . It is a very effective ‘diversion’ – leaves them satisfied that they are ‘aware’ of Current Affairs AND free to NOT HAVE TO THINK to critically examine the Real Cause and Effect process, After all – if you want Reality … it’s all there on the Telly – in dozens of shows!

  5. The problem with these headlines is that most people just see them as they pass them on the newstands or in the supermarket. The headlines have the desired effect and if they publish a tiny correction the following day it makes no difference because the damage is done and the false story is out there. They are despicable.

  6. When will the editors be held to account?! Do what they did in Liverpool and stop buying these rags… That’s the only answer..Hit them where it hurts!!!

  7. So, a man walks into a supermarket, firing shots. People are more concerned with the media reports than the atrocity being committed at that time? Peoples lives are at risk but you want to turn it into a political agenda. Shame on you.

  8. It’s quite obvious. The media is owned by ZIONISTS and they will make you believe what they want you to believe. It will never be the truth, only what they want you to believe is the truth. If only the people would wake up to this and use their own common sense.

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