A survey of Britons has found that a majority of UKIP supporters endorse the use of torture by security services.

But overall only 28% of Brits said that ‘torture works’ – while nearly 40% said they believed it did not work.

UKIP supporters were by far the most enthusiastic supporters of torture tactics, compared to supporters of other parties.


But endorsing torture remains a minority position in Britain.

Asked whether security services should or should not be allowed to torture terrorism suspects for information, 50% of Britons said they should not be allowed to do so.

23% said they did not know.

The debate has arisen after Trump told an interviewer yesterday that he thought “torture works” and wanted to bring it back.



UKIP’s stance isn’t a surprise. Its leader Paul Nuttall today told Sky News:

If waterboarding ensures that we save a number of lives in this country or in America because someone admits to something that is going to happen in terms of a terrorist attack, well through gritted teeth I’d probably be OK with it.

But even the security services believe that torture doesn’t work. They are not calling for it to reintroduced in the UK or the USA.

Why? To put it simply:

Suppose I start beating you around the head, demanding that you tell me that Justin Bieber is in fact a supremely talented artist. Eventually, although it may take several days of torture to get there, you’ll tell me what I want to hear, but that doesn’t make it true.

Only UKIP would are capable of such idiocy.

  1. A.Robot (Mrs) says:

    Leaving aside the moral question, the answer to ‘Does torture work?’ ought to be ‘I don’t know, I’ll go and look at the research and use my intelligence to give you a conclusion’. It’s the same as asking ‘Does capital punishment work?’
    The ‘common sense’ answer (ie no need to look into it or to justify it with facts or information) is always going to be more attractive to those who are, er, not too comfortable with thinking too deeply.
    So no surprise that Ukip members come up with the answers they do. Or Trump voters. Or Brexiters.
    Add in authoritarian tendencies, dislike of difference, inner resentments etc and you’ve got a potent mix. Add in politicians who don’t attempt to lead but merely follow stupidity and manipulate the stupid and you have a basic definition of what populism is.

  2. Chris Kitcher says:

    Surely this just demonstrates the moronic nature of UKIP voters. Sadly theses are the same idiots that are destroying the country with Brexit.

  3. I think torture, and degrees of torture ( from uncomfortable to brutal, physical and psychological,etc), and the answer does it work probably if the person is an actual terrorist, this the difficult part is he/she a real terrorist. Torture, should never be used routinely but an instant a known terrorist has information about a dirty bomb in London, Paris etc, kill millions and time is ticking. Then should torture be used as a last resort. This is the mature way of viewing it. Torture is abhorrent but sometimes things aren’t clear cut. Think WWII the two atom bombs…Realpolitiks aint nice and easy!!

  4. A.Robot (Mrs) says:

    What about the 10% of Tory MPs who normally pay damn good money to be tortured and don’t see why the interrogation victims should get it free: ‘Make them pay!’

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