It is a delicious irony that by helping take Britain out of the EU, Nigel Farage has strengthened the political project more than ever.

This afternoon the former UKIP leader faced a huge setback when Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S) party voted to quit his anti-EU grouping at the EU and join with a liberal pro-EU group instead.

M5S members voted to leave the Farage dominated Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) grouping and join the more liberal ALDE group.

As Buzzfeed’s Alberto Nardelli pointed out:

…it is now just above the minimum threshold needed to stay in place as a parliamentary group and access places on committees, speaking slots and, crucially, additional funding.


That funding cut could be as much as £1.3m a year if it loses its status as a Parliamentary group. UKIP would be hit hard.

M5S did not leave the AFDD or abandon Farage directly due to Brexit, but you can see the writing on the wall.

Britain’s painful (the Pound has fallen again today) and complicated extraction from the EU is a source of discomfort for Eurosceptics.

Its very unlikely that Italians will vote to leave the EU or even the Euro. It looks as if M5S’s leaders are looking to water down their earlier radicalism and distance themselves from Farage.

Farage today accused its leader Beppe Grillo and M5S of “joining the EU establishment”.

Last week the French far-right did something similar. Marine Le Pen u-turned on her earlier proposals on leaving the EU and ditching the Euro too.

On the night of the Brexit vote, Farage said the UK offered “a beacon of hope” to other countries in Europe looking to do the same.

Instead, the Brexit vote is killing Euroscepticism across Europe

  1. Chris Kitcher says:

    Just deserts for this traitorous bas*ard. Let’s hope he fails completely after his attempted destruction of the UK.

  2. Nothing but contemp for this man he doesn’t give a shit about the ordinary people just the rich and all the right wing raicist he doesn’t have to work so it makes no difference to him if people lose there jobs if Brexit sends the economy in to shit pit of recession

  3. I absolutely agree with Chris Kitcher.
    This pathetic individual has damaged
    irreparably the stability and status of the citizens of Britain. His abrasive treatment of the EU executive in
    Brussels, Herman van Rompuy was unforgivable. The resultant fine he received of €3.000 has not halted his poisonous rhetoric.

  4. Bruce Henderson says:

    He and his reprehensible fellow ukip MEP’s
    Should be made to return every penny paid to them as they didn’t do any worthwhile work for years.

  5. Absolutely agree with the anti-Far age comments expressed here. He is a manipulator (probable psychopath ) and has inspired Trump to behave in a similar oafish way.

  6. He is the most egoistic little dwarf that walks the earth. he cares nothing for the peope of the UK or any other nation only his self importance. he has no thoughts for the damage he has done, and split the people of the Uk. He is a nazi through and through. please dont give coverage to him perhaps he will fade away quietly although I dont think he will go quietly!!!

  7. We all know how odious he is but what I will never understand is his complete and visceral hatred for everything to do with the EU and yet he is a member of the EU parliament?

  8. Andy Southern says:

    Political Scrapbook:
    Can you help us?

    We need email addresses of all the non UKiP members of this group.

    We need to point out to them UKiP have past their shelf life and will leave them without a group when unit leave.

    We need to encourage them to leave the group asap.

    This will 100% embarrass UKiP and hopefully show them up.

    Is there a list of email addresses available?

  9. absolutely agree with all the above, however don’t think Trump needed Farage’s ‘inspiration’ he exhibits all the oafish and bullying qualities unaided. They are both despicable.

  10. Can’t understand why the media provide him with the oxygen of publicity. He’s not an MP nor the leader of a political party – he’s a obnoxious nobody. The sooner he disappears the better. Horrible horrible man.

  11. A modern day equivalent of “Sir Edmund Appleby, the 39 Steps”, maybe he sould be tried for treason too.

  12. Will it be the same for Murdoch, the crook – he has got some power in Italy with his Daily Mail sister which Italians believe like the golden truth and more than the pope

  13. your all stupid people, farage is the only one with any brains you biased bigots, we have voted and brexit it is, mind your own business from now on, OK?

  14. The vitriol that the above commentators vent beggars belief, obviously Labour and Liberal wets all feeding from the EU cup.

    It is clear that not one of you that vented your spleens above understand the issues.

    Europe is a busted, corrupt, club with membership open to the corrupt elite that continue to screw the whole of EU population in order to line there own pockets.

    They have reaped what they have sown, the victims I.e. The ordinary people have spoken. Put up and shut up you wasters.

  15. Ooh…i feel sooo sorry for the 1294 russian secret service people working day and night on social media and creating fake news sites for the dictator sake..

  16. Valerie Chaplin says:

    It’s about time he was sacked as an MEP as well, odious embezzling man, he is stirring up so much hatred.

  17. I really would like to see this horrible man leave politics alone and crawl back to whatever other occupation he may have. He does not deserve to be an MEP and certainly should not be paid. He is of no benefit to the EU or the UK.

  18. Fortunately you remainers are in the minority. Just what is it you like so much about the undemocratic buerocracy known as the EU?

  19. Ian – Sorry, undemocratic? Did you not vote for an MEP? if not that’s your own fault. Everything worked on by the various committees within the EU have to be approved by MEPs, who are elected. Why not go and read up on it yourself, I mean the original directives and regulations, not the stuff in the Daily Mail, or that spouted from the con artist MEPs of UKIP, who cant even be bothered to turn up and do the job they were elected to do. “Good Ol’ Nige” hasn’t attended in over a month now, how is that representing the “common man”? He was too busy out with is country gent friends, fox-hunting, or trying to get himself a new job with Trump to worry about Little Britain.

  20. The country has voted to leave, I don’t like and I will say so whenever I choose, just as those who didn’t like it when we joined didn’t shut up and campaigned for us to leave! However, Farage and Boris are nothing more than bare-faced liars promulgating myths about £50m a day and giving it to the NHS. Garage is still drawing his salary from the EU, he should have been the first to leave by resigning and taking the rest of the UKIP MEP’s with him! Perhaps he will donate his salary from last June to the NHS

  21. The personal attacks on Nigel Farage are just that, personal insults with no substance. At least one of the commenters could have mental health problems – no, I think two.

  22. Ben of the Bush says:

    Ah, I see the Leavers are rehashing the “people have spoken, shut upc move on” in and amongst the usual bullying insults.

    Question (as always) to the Leavers: given you’re happy to “take back control” and believe that “the people have spoken” – in an advisory referendum – you will all presumably be perfectly happy with a second referendum if Brexit turns out to be a total car crash won’t you? Or do you believe it’s a fixed decision.

    If you do think it’s a fixed and irreversible decisions then I’d kindly point out that we have these things called “elections” every few years, where the “people” speak and make their judgement on the performance of their elected officials and the policies they implement.

    So – you’re ok with a second referendum then yes? Because letting the people speak is clearly very important to your argument. The insults and general bullying less so, but then I’d expect nothing less, given the wheels on the clown car are coming off

  23. odious crumb. may be Paul “the nutter” nuttall will do exactly that. Europe clearly has its own strategy for change. they just haven’t made it clear to niglet fartage. best leave it that way.

  24. Please remove him, give him no voice, don’t even mention his name. Give him a alternative title, Trump2 or fart? We will still guess who it is.

  25. Patrick Strudlow says:

    I wish to complain that all the best insults regarding the crypto-Fascist quisling Farage have already been used above.

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