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The French newspaper Le Monde is reporting that the Front National leader is facing an investigation into how the party pays its aides.

Marine Le Pen is already running into a spot of trouble.

Her party is low on cash and she is having to borrow money from her anti-semite father for the election campaign.

Meanwhile a Russian company is suing her party over previous loans.

Now, more questions are being asked after an investigation was formally launched:

It covers charges of embezzlement, organised fraud, forgery, and undeclared work, following a preliminary investigation that was opened in March 2015 at the request of European Parliament president Martin Schulz.

The parliament had found that 20 people registered as assistants to the 24 National Front MEPs and paid for by the parliament were in fact working for the party at its headquarters in Nanterre, near Paris.

Their names were on the party organisation chart in France, but four of them were listed as “accredited” EU parliament assistants and should have been working in Brussels and Strasbourg. The 16 others were registered as local assistants who were meant to be working in the MEPs’

The European Parliament had earlier asked three MEPs from Front National to pay back salaries, which amounts to hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Le Pen has already admitted she doesn’t have the money to pay back.

The far-right party is already in dire straits, and is now having to be bailed out by an active anti-semite (Jean Le Pen). She has reportedly borrowed around €6 million (£5.1 million) from him.

An earlier €9 million loan to the party is in question after the Russian bank the FN borrowed from had its licence revoked.

Not a good start for the far-right ‘revolution’ in France

  1. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    I’m not sure the distinction you make between her and her father is worth making, really. He’s openly anti-Semitic; she and her more modern fascists (sorry, ‘catholic nationalists’) have decided that tactically they should appear to have put that sort of thing behind them. It fools nobody.

  2. La Penn has no respect from the majority of people here in France. We see here for what she really is and we don’t like it. The more trouble she gets into the better – as you say “bring it on”.

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