Theresa May went to the United States last night to chummy up with Republicans, and especially Donald Trump.

Let’s just say she wasn’t received that well.

Don’t get us wrong, Republicans liked her speech a lot. They were over the moon that May was willing to praise Donald Trump.

But not everyone saw it that way. Here is Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo:

and John Cassidy from the New Yorker, agreeing:


And there were many more sentiments like this.

May backed away from explicitly praising Trump, but she was full of noise about the “special relationship”:

President Trump’s victory – achieved in defiance of all the pundits and the polls – and rooted not in the corridors of Washington, but in the hopes and aspirations of working men and women across this land. Your party’s victory in both the Congress and the Senate where you swept all before you, secured with great effort and achieved with an important message of national renewal.


Because of these strong economic and commercial links – and our shared history and the strength of our relationship – I look forward to pursuing talks with President Trump and his new Administration about a new UK/US Free Trade Agreement in the coming months.

Does that mean opening up the NHS to private American companies?

Does that mean allowing lower quality American food products – some of which are banned by the EU – into the UK market?

The Tories are not giving anything away, but that is the sort of deal the Americans will be looking for. And given how desperate May is for a trade deal, we are going in that direction.

While Angela Merkel told Trump she would only work with him on the basis of “shared values”, May has abandoned any pretence she has any values.

The UK will now tolerate anything for the sake of a trade deal with the US it seems

  1. Ian Stevenson says:

    I hope all the billionaires Trump has appointed to the cabinet will hold the aspirations of working men and women close to their hearts.

  2. Anya-Nicola Darr says:

    Just to let you know that many of us in the UK toes are curling up with embarrassment. We don’t love what either Trump or May stand for but in both cases the Left let it happen by not doing enough to help the strugglers. You lot should have chosen Sanders and our lot should be more supportive of Corbyn.

  3. No matter what deal is either done or discussed, it will be reported as a great deal by the compliant British press. It will take time for the truth to come out, then we will see the wrath of the British people at the end of the day, the worse from Scots that feel their are being sold down the river.

    The empire is over, when will they realize that, and stop living in the past.

    Trump, he has many bad ideas, some good ones, but he will never “drain the swamp”
    it is too ingrained into every part of American life. Too powerful, to devious for Trump to handle.

  4. I thought it was a good speech directed towards the people that count. You can’t rely on the US media for an unbiased appraisal due to their hate of Trump.

  5. Hoping for the US trade cavalry to ride in and save the maiden in distress! She’s made so many enemies Trump is her only hope … and he knows it.
    UK once again USA’s poodle.

  6. Whatever sort of deal is made with Trump the UK will be the losers. It’s how he plays his game. In her own words “no deal is better than a bad deal”. Meet with the Mexicans. Forget Trump.

  7. I am so embarrassed to be a British citizen, hearing Theresa May grovelling to Donald Drumpf.
    At least I can console myself that I am still an EU citizen and that I am fighting to “remain” one 😉

  8. All that “Taking Back Control” led to this point …. where a sad desperate pitiful excuse for a leader begs, cap in hand from a useless, worthless waste of air like Donald Trump ….. the Brexit supporters must be soooo proud of themselves.
    As for us Scots ….. we sure as hell won’t be having anything to do with this marriage made in hell ….. the English wanted it, the English got it and the English can live with it.

    (Apologies to the sane English people for the generalisation, I do realise many of you are as outraged by all of this as we are …. I’m sorry you can’t come with us)

  9. kevin fitzmaurice-brown says:

    Thatcher sold UK to USA and they are now collecting the debt. Trump will asset strip the british people and the EU will quite rightly then say fuck off.

  10. I am horrified at the treachery, arrogance and egocentricity of Teresa May. She insults the British people with her lies and distortions and thinks nothing of stealing from the people that which belongs to them i.e. the NHS and the Welfare state. Whereas Donald Trump shouts out loud, Ms May is secretive and hypocritical. She should not be leading this country, particularly as this critical time calls for a true States Person and not someone who wants to take, as she sees it, all the glory. She lacks the true intelligence and integrity that is required and demonstrates only a cunning and heartless persona. I think before long, Trump will be impeached. He and May operate from self interest. The sooner the 2 of them go the better

  11. Thomas E Mayer Jr says:

    Gees, I don’t want to speak ill of the walking dead, but I thought the Prime Minister was a cut above THE TRUMP. I was hopeful before the vote last year that your nation you be a wall against the rising tide of stupidity in my nation. I regret you like us in the USA, have adopted flawed democratic principles and ideas how to live in the 21st century. Unfortunately, we are learning that the path of a nation can take 240 years before we get to a point to realize that Jimmy Madison’s (aka President James Madison, 1809 –1817), great compromise of the US Constitution convention did not work, it may give us instead a series of tyrants. Don’t count to much on my nation in the foreseeable future, we will need tow or three decades of internal blood letting until we might reenter the world-stage. However, please don’t count on it this time around!

  12. Lesley mclean says:

    It is like Hitler meeting Mussolini..two amoral bastards. She does NOT speak for me, or the majority of Brits. Ashamed of her.

  13. Terence Fowkes says:

    Half witted May is so out of touch ! And this woman would sell her soul to the devil just for him to like her, and Trump is on to it ! Stupid woman !!!!

  14. Haha, “swept all before you?” That’s a larf. She ain’t very good at maths is she?

    Like, by over 3 million.

  15. I’m in the U.S. Now. No one is very interested in May. Trump’s relationship with Mexico and Trump are getting way more coverage.

  16. Caroline Grant says:

    May is out there prostituting our country and I am ashamed that she represents me. I am a supporter of Independence for Scotland and this just makes me more determined to achieve that as soon as we can. When we have to bottom feed in desperation to get trade deals it is time to re-think our values and our constitutional position.

  17. It’s more akin to Hitler’s relationship with Mussolini, which ended with Germany taking over Italy totally. Of course the difference is May is useless at getting the trains to run on time – as well as everything else!

  18. Just don’t let them breed I have grandchildren,who don’t deserve the monster they could produce.I like individual Americans but hate their political warmongering ,big I am ,stance in the world..I would therefore prefer no special relationship politically.

  19. Please God let my fellow Scots vote the get us the hell away from this horrendous woman and all her cronies!
    A blind man running for his life can see the truth of them both! Ozymandias springs to mind!

  20. Dominic Jermano says:

    PM May was smart and forth coming. She stole the stage really. Trump was rather ambivalent, and foolish especially about the Torture issue. I think he says this, to prevent indictments against the people in charge during Bush who authorized torture. Also this is a clue he will do nothing about bringing Truth to 911, and indict his murdering pal Larry Silverstein, and the NeoCons, including letting Obama and Hillary get away with their crimes. Trump has cemented his complicity to the NeoCons who orchestrated 911 and took the Country down the road of illegal War.

  21. Yesterday the prime minister of the UK, publicly and on TV, gave a blowjob. To Donald Trump, newly announced president of the USA

  22. She is a dicrace, she cant even pause correctly from reading her script to recieve applause. She took over 40 minutes rambling on and basically fully supporting Trump on his scary campaign. How many times did she wasfer to Beagan and thatcher, she lives in a fantasy world trying to conpare herself to to Thatcher what a sad worl we ive in. She is a sly, bitter Weasel that cannot be trusted. SHE LOOKS LIKE A MIX OF Delia Smith and Tony Blair with evil beady eyes.

  23. She is a dicrace, she cant even pause correctly from reading her script to recieve applause. She took over 40 minutes rambling on and basically fully supporting Trump on his scary campaign. How many times did she wasfer to Reagan and Thatcher, she lives in a fantasy world trying to conpare what a sad world we ive in. She is a sly, bitter Weasel that cannot be trusted. SHE LOOKS LIKE A MIX OF Delia Smith and Tony Blair with evil beady eyes.

  24. I was hoping that Teresa May would be a strong woman against Trump …but she sold all of us especially women who hoped for more down the river. Goodness knows what is going to happen now.What a let down she is…never speaking the truth. And unelected so why can’t we get rid of her.?

  25. Shameful and disgraceful….UK has lost little dignity it had! Need to move from the colonial,past…all this about leading the world tripe! I feel sick!

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