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Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Front party in France, isn’t that eager to leave the EU or see the Euro collapse, it seems.

Le Pen, who is a big fan of Putin and insisted that Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea was legitimate, is already in trouble.

A Russian company is suing the Front National for repayment of €9 million loan from 2014.

But its her latest comments that will raise eyebrows. In an interview posted yesterday, Le Pen tried to row back on some of her positions given the climate in France.

She said in an interview that she did not favour leaving the EU, and would instead look to renegotiate control of French borders.

13m:25s. “I want… no. We must renegotiate with the European Union because I want to bring back sovereignty…”

She said she preferred to stay in the EU and would call for a referendum after her negotiation.

In earlier interviews she said she would immediately call for a referendum to leave the EU if elected.

She also added that she would prefer to keep the Euro, as an additional currency to the Franc.

But she doesn’t say how that would work. Would French banks be forced to ditch the Euro in favour of the Franc? What about French savers? Clueless.

Le Pen’s shameless u-turn and lack of detail comes after polls show most French backed staying in the EU. Only 33% of French voters want to leave.

After the car-crash Britain is going through, that number is likely to fall even further

  1. The penny has dropped. When like the idiots who voted for brexit now they like her have to talk trade with countries who grow bananas grow tea coco ect ect ect. So would they want to trade with a government like hers. The world is a small place backward politics don’t work in the 21st centaury.

  2. Ian Stevenson says:

    There might be a way to have a national currency and the euro. Not that I am keen on it. however, the euro could be used for internal EU trade. It could be a reserve currency and big enough to fight off speculation in the way the Danish Krona is not. National currencies could float against it-or be pegged, which act as an automatic stabiliser . E.G. poor exports would make imports more expensive and help domestic production. The present system has the bad features of the old gold standard. A more flexible exchange rate would help although it would lose the advantage saving the cost of currency conversion.

  3. No she did not, she said she wants to restore the Franc just with the ECU as a temporary measure and also she wants to restore control of French borders

  4. @Ian Stevenson:

    Yeah, an Independent currency is such great idea. Can be currently seen in the UK, where some companies already managed it into bankruptcy (because of the BrExit induced pound weakness).

    Devaluing the £ is a rather blunt variant of “flexible”, it applies the same “fix” to such failing companies and world wide market leaders like ARM Holdings (where Japanese Softbank completely correctly assessed the situation: Thanks for the huge rebate, and no for ARM’s licensing business BrExit is rather irrelevant).

  5. It’s all greed. Things are mostly going well, but they want MORE and are prepared to gamble everything to get more. Greed.

  6. Populism in its most basic form. Tell the people what you think will get you most votes. Then if you win you say oh but that was a mistake or just push your claims aside. We will never again know what sort of things will happen after an election because too many people fall for it. Too many people don’t realise google algorithms (as an example) are used by very powerful people to create fake news to back up their nonsense claims. Check out lobbyists if your unsure. Basically, go to the last pages of Google and work forward as the first several pages are made up to back up something like populism, political claims or even pesticides in food. Because most of us only read the first 2-3 pages. And ‘they’ know it!

  7. Charles Rothwell says:

    She is obviously into “saying anything” mode in the run-up to getting votes in the first round in April. This, of course, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her long-term aims/goals/ambitions. I am pretty sure she will be making an all-out pitch for the centre-LEFT voters as, frankly, the stupidity of the French two-round system is going to leave millions of such voters with a choice between her and Thatcherite/”cut and burn” Fillion. Just for whom precisely is a teacher, social worker, health care worker etc etc in the state sector supposed to vote when choosing between a candidate who has got austerity/cuts written all over his banner and Le Pen who is free to promise anything to more or less anybody? The REALLY frightening bit, though, is that, unlike loud mouth amateurs like Farage, I have always thought she has the genuine skills (and real ambition/drive) to pull it off and change Europe irrevocably/in a way which even Brexit cannot.

  8. France is pro EU despite all the pro brexit media from the UK saying otherwise.

    France isn’t the UK. You can’t have a referendum on that without changing the constitution which will need 3/4 of the MPs (majority pro EU) for it. Her own niece, Marion Maréchal and many of her MP’s are pro EU.

    Her chance to become president is tiny because of France two rounds which tend to end up making a right and left coalition against the national front on the last round. Even in case she would win, she knows she can’t run referendums without changing the constitution involving all the MPs, a majority pro EU.

    She knows that the majority of France would vote to stay in anyway, not to mention that her base is fickled as she currently surfes on the implosion of the left and benefitted from it with lots of abstention. But in the current climate, nobody can be sure about the two candidates…a third option could arise…Macron is rising week in, week out and could upset.

  9. Time for the British people to take back control …………. from the motely crew of lying BREXITERs who are forcing PM May to go down a road she knows leads to disaster, and who tricked a portion of the UK public, the portion they led to a less than ‘just-about-managing(jam)’ existence, to vote for OUT by diverting their anger and misery to the EU & immigrants, and who when BREXIT finally happens (if?) Will treat those people even worse, especially as they will have caused the economy to crash and will want, therefore, to save their own savings, etc.

  10. People of UK, persuade your PM May that her seat will be safe if she switched to the remain view and she will ignore any pleas to invoke A50.

  11. William Jones says:

    Why are these anti democracy’s scared of Britain having the guts to trade with the world which we can’t do at the moment article 50 must be invoked asap

  12. William Jones – “Guts”? You think that reevaluating based on new information is somehow cowardly and that ignoring the changing reality is brave? I don’t get it. What’s brave about dismissing change?

  13. Clive Billenness says:

    Ian Stevenson – the ECU was used for many years as a notional currency within the EC with great success. Its value against currencies was re-evaluated regularly to maintain a reality with the performance of national currencies. This enabled each currency to float. There was no barrier to tendering or having contracts specified in ECU’s.

  14. William jones. The EU member states and the UK trade a lot with the world. The EU is one of the most open economies on earth. There is lityle extra to gain, rather lose. Stop reading “opinions” and trumpeting stupidities and check how trade works. Facts help. Welcome to reality, it will catch up eventually.

  15. Mrs baggyknickers says:

    Stop moaning all of you Remainers. The Remainers are the lying bunch – and we Brexiters don’t want a pseudo Nazi country run by ex Nazis via Brussels. Idiots.

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