Louise Mensch

Former MP Louise Mensch, a firm favourite target of teasing here at Political Scrapbook, is apparently no longer her site Heat Street.

Apparently she wanted to try something else at News Corporation:

“I’ve been very lucky; requested in August that I move on to create the other two new media properties I had in mind for [NewsCorp.] when I started. At first they said play yourself into the wicket a bit, but when we hit 8 million [in traffic], they said yes,” Mensch said.

That sounds a bit convenient since Heat St. is still relatively new.

Could there be a another reason why Mensch is out of the door?

But a News Corp. source suggested another reason for the change: Mensch’s activity on Twitter and elsewhere had become a distraction for the otherwise successful website.

Mensch is no fan of Donald Trump (one of her few redeeming features) – which is a bit awkward for the boss Rupert Murdoch.

She has been relentlessly attacking him on Twitter and backed others in the Presidential race.

More recently she said she would be taking a break from the platform (credit to Zelo Street for first picking up signs of this).

But there are also whispers that Mensch is being sidelined because of her spats with the Gamergate / Alt-Right / anti-SJW crowd that is the core of the Heat St. audience.

But at least Murdoch follows her on Twitter. That’s all that matters, right?

With Mensch anything is possible

  1. What a laughable shit muncher (menshnr?), she was so smug in defending the former News International et al during the Leveson inquiry (I don’t remember the specifics but I remember thinking she was a total smug face tosspot) and now she works there. It delights me to hear that she’s apparently as shit there as she was as an MP.

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