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A few years ago Jamie Oliver was full of praise for Nigel Farage for “stirring it up”.

But now we suspect he thinks that UKIP stirred it up a bit too much.

In 2013 the celebrity chef said:

I know I should be careful whatI say but I do believe politics has got more squashed in the middle and samey. What I love is that Ukip are stirring it up. […]

We have tried a few things in the recession and I think they are question-marking whether we are going down the right path. I think Ukip have changed the path for the next two years.

UKIP certainly did change a few things over the next few years, including taking us out of the EU.

Turns out Jamie Oliver is now regretting that.

Oliver intends to close Jamie’s Italian restaurants in Aberdeen, Exeter, Cheltenham, Richmond, Tunbridge Wells and Ludgate Hill, near London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, by the end of the first quarter of the year.

“As every restaurant owner knows, this is a tough market and post-Brexit the pressures and unknowns have made it even harder,” said Simon Blagden, chief executive of the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group.

This is what happens when you want someone to ‘stir things up’ and they actually doing what they promised.

  1. Media Whore should engage brain before he speaks, love his food but his ‘sermons’ are at best naive and at worst arrogant. His ‘man of the people, and mockney persona is a joke.

  2. Dame Fanny Craddock says:

    Let’s hope all those other morons who voted for ‘change’ here and in the US experience similar ‘change’.

  3. It’s not even “post-Brexit” yet, Mr. Oliver. If you think it’s bad now, there’s a helluva of a lot more crap coming when we get whatever Brexit the EU 27 decide to give us. It’s not going to be pretty. Best of luck with getting your country back, Jamie. Bish bash bosh.

  4. Southern softie says:

    Fat tongue should be kept in check in future. Serves him right. He along with all the other brekshit wannabes who now face financial hardships.

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