What a contrast in coverage the skin colour of a terrorist can make.

A man walks into a place and shoots six people in cold blood.

If he was Muslim there would be wall-to-wall coverage in the Sun newspaper, and other tabloids, on what motivated him and how to stop further attacks.

There would at least be a focus on the ideology that drove him to murder people in a terrorist attack.


Instead, the Sun newspaper starts with a sympathetic quote of how the Canadian gunman “felt bad” sfter he committed his massacre.

The gunman accused of killing six people at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre, also known as the Grand Mosque of Quebec, gave himself up to police soon after the massacre because he “felt bad”, it has been reported.

Furthermore, the Sun’s story makes no mention of his radicalisation, nor the far-right figures he was inspired by.

We wonder why that would be.

Too close for comfort?

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