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The leader of the far-right in France is running into a big problem with her upcoming Presidential election campaign: she can’t raise the money for it.

Marine Le Pen told Bloomberg News today:

“The fact that the banks won’t lend to us, playing a political role, poses a real problem for democracy,” she said. “It’s the banks who decide who can run and who can’t.”

Its a sad day indeed when banks don’t want to lend money to neo-fascists.

Le Pen is already facing an investigation from EU officials for fraud and is being asked to return money she was paid.

On top of that, an earlier €9 million loan from a Russian bank is in jeopardy after the bank had its licence revoked. The Russian Bank Deposit Insurance Agency is demanding repayment of the €9m borrowed from First Czech-Russian Bank.

We are having fun watching the French far-right run into trouble

  1. Let’s get this right, that’ll be the very same banks that get bailed out (with tax payers money) by pro-banker governments? Is it?
    Presumably she wants to borrow the money (like most political parties), not asking the French tax-payer to foot the bill? Is that right?
    Let’s not kid ourselves that the banks are taking the moral high ground here – but merely protecting their backers!
    This story is rubbish, man!

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