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The resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers yesterday has sent such a shock through the system that even EU officials can’t help themselves.

To reiterate the point: three months before we start negotiations with the EU, our top Brexit negotiator has resigned.

And he was quite clear about why:

The veteran diplomat accused the Tory administration of “ill-founded arguments and muddled thinking”.

The outgoing UK permanent representative to the EU (PR) also urged his staff to “never be afraid to speak the truth to those in power”, warning them “serious multilateral negotiating experience is in short supply in Whitehall”.

Unsurprisingly, top EU officials cannot hide their glee



Also to no surprise: this incompetent Tory government is trying to stay quiet

Meanwhile, IDS is still handing out invaluable advice….


The biggest test of our economy in a generation and the Tories have no idea what is going on

  1. Verhofstadt is not an EU official but an elected member of the European Parliament and Payne is a journalist at the FT. So your headline is incorrect!

  2. Well Dick … an official is “a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department” and that’s official !!

  3. Patrick Verhoeven says:

    I never took the accusation that the government has no strategy very seriously. But if somebody very close to the fire confirms that this is indeed the case then it is probably true. This is alarming !

  4. Regardless of the first two comments I do indeed support the third comment here.
    Brexit means Brexit…. like chocolate means chocolate!
    There are many versions and some are real crap
    So if you give a vague instruction to get chocolate don’t be surprised if the version you get is not that good!

  5. The incompetence of these nasty Tories is unbelievable. This whole sorry mess has never been anything but a battle for power within the Tory Party and they are battling to avoid a schism within their party. They don’t even care if they take the whole country down with them.

  6. Brexit always would be and is becoming a nightmare which gets worse by the day. Stop this total embarrassment and remain.

  7. MMac hits it on the head. This Tory party struggle between extreme and very extreme has sucked in an awful lot of people. It’s incredibly difficult to accept that there are still people around who are prepared to ignore all the evidence or are stupid enough to believe that all the obvious damage is somehow good for the country. Presumably they also believe in the earth being flat and blood letting being good for health.

    Being fooled by the lies told by the Tory Protagonists before the election could be attributed to simply being over-trusting. Still believing despite all the evidence offers a lot of pointers to indicate stupidity and a willingness to sit on the sidelines whilst Tory grandees with an unenviable record of failure are encouraged by Mayssolini to play monopoly with taxpayer’s money.

  8. Bryan Andrews says:

    Brexit is a delusion based on nostalgia for an all white Britain and lack of commitment to sharing with other countries in the great project to protect Europe from the tragedy of war. It is not a democratic vote when it has been such a narrow so called win. It is already leading us to a terrible future as a xenophobic, frightened and isolationist island. Remaining a part of Europe is the only way to stop this madness.

  9. ‘I never took the accusation that the government has no strategy very seriously’.
    Says it all really.

  10. A guy who is clearly committed to remain was never going to do the best to get out.
    The surprise really is that he was left in to be the negotiator; it’s all stitched up within the EU and he’d (potentially) have been their man on the inside, I think.
    Someone who can envision what ‘out’ on a good footing is needed.

  11. Democracy is rule by the people
    Freedom for one minority of people to impose rules against the others.
    The people should broadly agree with each other what to do, or just not do it.

  12. There is no such thing as getting out on a “good footing”. Getting out will stuff the UK, period. The reasons are, and always have been, so blazingly obvious that it beggars belief that some people either can’t or refuse to see them.

    Also, denigrating the integrity of a professional who one doesn’t even know on some vague, unfounded assumptions is precisely the same attitude that caused this idiotic march over a precipice to start in the first place.

  13. Brigitte morton says:

    Where is labour in all this? celebrating some obscure festival? We are facing the greatest crisis in my lifetime and we are led by incompetents and the opposition is catching butterflies.

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