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Desperate to stave off the impression they have no clue on what to do about Brexit, Theresa May is apparently going to set out a big ‘vision’ in a ‘major’ speech later this month.

So reports the Telegraph today, in what can only be seen as an attempt at damage limitation.

Theresa May will threaten to take Britain out of the single market unless the UK is given full control of its borders in a significant Brexit speech designed to counter claims she has no plan for leaving the EU.

The Prime Minister will outline her “vision for Britain outside of the EU” in a major speech later this month that will focus on the economy and immigration.

This isn’t new. In fact this was almost entirely the case made by Leavers before the Referendum.

They continually said “taking back control” of our borders was a price worth paying for leaving the Single Market.

So Theresa May’s grand vision for taking charge of Brexit is to repeat the same? Embarrassing.

The only new development is that apparently Liam Fox is persona non-grata:

Both David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, and Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, are having “significant” input into the speech, sources said.

However, Liam Fox, the Trade Secretary considered one of the “three Brexiteers” alongside Mr Davis and Mr Johnson, is understood to have been sidelined.

Anything that sidelines the disgraced Liam Fox is good, but we can’t help but think this is just posturing writ large.

If this is the best May can come up with for a ‘vision’ we are in deep trouble

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    “We shall set out how our vision for brexshit is still brexshit…
    “a very much red white and blue brexshit…
    “maybe a hard brexshit…
    “maybe a soft brexshit…
    “but most definitely a shit brexshit….
    “wait, did I say that last line?
    “Oi Boris you moron you were not supposed to write that down.
    “Where was I….
    “Yes, today we shall set out or vision for brexshit…
    “its the same as it was a few months ago…
    “but now with added bullshit to go with brexshit.
    “I thank you, and may my God – mammon – go with me as I’m too rich to care…
    “Hey, sod you you plebs, you fell for Boris’s and Gove’s lies, not my fault.”

    *mike drop – feedback noise – sound of May’s receding heels clicking*

  2. Mother Theresa says:

    ‘ Fellow Paddle-less Citizens of Shit Creek,
    I have had a Vision.
    First I want to make perfectly clear that The Great British Repeal Act will deliver The Best Possible Deal for Britain in a Red White and Blue Brexit that Works For Everyone.
    Furthermore, The Best Possible Deal will also deliver The Great British Repeal Act that Works For Everyone in a Red White and Blue Britain within months.
    In addition, let no one be in any doubt that A Red White and Blue Repeal Act will deliver The Best Possible Works For Everyone in Britain before you can say Andrea Leadsom.
    Finally, I am confident that Work For a Red White and Blue Everyone will deliver The Great British Repeal Act and a Full English Brexit (with Sunny Side Up Eggs) in much less than the ludicrous 45 years claimed by my latest sacked Ambassador to Brussels, Sir E. Yore whose duties Dame Polly Anna will be taking over with immediate effect.

    This is My Vision.
    Let the fun and games commence.

    Theresa xx ‘

  3. So having read the above comment:
    Brexit means Brexit.
    And it’s a red white and blue Brexit
    As previously stated.
    Glad we’ve cleared that up!

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