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Donald Trump’s campaign to get some big names for the inauguration is now becoming desperate.

It seems they can’t even be bothered to search of a particular artist supports Trump or not.

This afternoon Charlotte Church publicly rebuked his campaign too.


As Political Scrapbook reported earlier today, another British singer Rebecca Ferguson has also pulled out.

Cue Trump ranting against Charlotte Church tomorrow morning on Twitter

  1. Charlotte Church is a socialist and activist. Trump does not know the meaning socialism. Despite her beautiful singing career, she finds time to attend the cause! We are so proud of you Charlotte!

  2. What a wetbag.
    Thought she retired and was now just a moaning chubster.
    Any proof that they asked her or is this to get some buzz around her new 3 venue tour kicking off in The Old Goat in Swansea this satuday. (Tickets still available)

  3. Jeez Barry like she could get away with a fake claim when they heard about it? Like most obnoxious fatshamers you are a complete fucking moron.

  4. @charlottechurch

    Well done for sticking to the moral high ground


    So you’re a successful and famous singer? Only way your comments don’t make you a complete cock.

    @Donald Trump

    You already are a complete cock

    Nuff said

  5. We’re supposed to care why? IF she was actually asked and she’s not grabbing for a fleeting 15 minutes of fame…she was asked based on her talent, not for her political stance.

    Go ahead and say no…it leaves the door open for some real talent.

  6. I’m only vaguely familiar with the singing carreer of Charlotte Church, but I know more about her capacity to put her beliefs into action on the rainy streets of Cardiff from time to time and she has my respect for it. Sticking your neck out against a bully like Trump, who just happens (god help us all) to be president elect of the States is no mean feat either.

    I don’t give a monkeys about whether or not her career or voice is great…or what she looks like. She has guts and integrity and that I admire.

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