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It rarely gets more surreal than this.

Last night CNN reported that all the heads of all the major intelligence agencies in the U.S. will present Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him. The report will say that while Russian spies had gathered information on both Clinton and Trump, they only released the info they had on Clinton, through Wikileaks.

A key claim by intelligence chiefs is that Russia was “cultivating, supporting and assisting” for years and gained “compromising” (called ‘kompromat’ in Russian) information on him.

An hour after the CNN report was published, Buzzfeed News US decided to publish the full report, which they claim they obtained independently from sources. They said they were publishing the document so Americans could “make up their own minds” about the allegations circulating about Trump at the highest levels of government.

You can read the report from here. It makes a lot of hair-raising claims (Buzzfeed says it hasn’t been able to verify all of them) about Russian links to Trump. The most salacious allegation is that the Russians had “compromising” information on him from his activities in Russia.

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The intelligence report adds:

Trump’s unorthodox behaviour in Russia over the years had provided the authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the now Republican Presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.


After it was published by Buzzfeed, Trump shot back on Twitter without mentioning them, but calling them ‘fake news’ anyway


Everyone made jokes on Twitter about the leaks



Wikileaks wasn’t happy that someone leaked information damaging to Trump


But porn mags were loving it



The Russians are denying all this

It is ten days to Trump’s inauguration day

  1. If its not money its sex. Why not just plain ole’ corruption. Seems like all would be politicians have athoroughly nasty streak.

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