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Theresa May arrived in Brussels today for a one-day summit to discuss immigration, among other trade issues.

But as soon as the summit finished, the Prime Minister was left awkwardly hanging around by herself.


If Tories spent more time talking to people in Europe than criticising them, perhaps we would have more friends there

This looks like an ominous and awkward sign of things to come

  1. The Tory Europe ministers are being treated in the same way they treat people in Liverpool, Manchester and other Labour controlled areas. They shun them. How ironic.

  2. Michael Birchmore says:

    No you know how we feel Theresa May when you decided to desert your people in favour of the rich and affluent.

  3. The really sad news is that the half of the country who voted Remain and desperately don’t want it to happen will feel the same chill on visiting Europe. In the meantime eu nationals here will feel more and more isolated. We should do what Switzerland has had the courage to do and ignore the Referendum

  4. Stephen O'Neill says:

    People need to make their voices heard loud and clear that we refuse to leave the EU. The country will be destroyed by it after all these years of Tory austerity.

  5. As an only child who seems to have failed to make close friends in Parliament she strikes me as being a very isolated individual

  6. The leader of the Nasty Party is getting a taste of her own medicine. The Tories treat those who don’t vote for them as scum. Our Tory MP does not venture into the ‘working class’ area of his constituency. He doesn’t like them and will not lift a finger ot help them. The are ruling the country for their voters and now they are ruling the country for those who voted to leave.

  7. When it all kicks of in Europe again and it will, let’s see how cap in hand and begging they will be , because iv not seen a European war sorted yet by Europe, it’s left to Britain and America , never saw German, Belgium , Spanish, Italian, troops banging around sorting stuff , Europe get your knee pads dusted off , you will need em

  8. I’m waiting for the personal EU membership to be offered.
    Either that, or better, simply tell the people what ‘thoughtful’ people believe and abandon the Brexit fiasco

  9. Theresa May got what she deserved, who in their right mind would want to be associated with her or the Tory government? What have they done for us, nothing, you wait & see what happens when they finally get their way & eliminates the Human Rights everyone relied on to be treated as a person, not a slave. I hope Scotland gets their independence as they at least have a Government that treats their “People” with respect & dignity.

  10. She has no feeling for any one elses Nan if she did she would be helping look after them in old age , Last time I looked she wasn’t a nan any way If she was she would think a lot differently than she does her main interest in life is to be better than Thatcher some ambition .

  11. I think May is the wrong person for the job of leaving or remaining. She has no plans, hates the Irish and Scots (and most Europeans), does not want to listen to advice from experts, goes begging around the world for trade promises but has nothing, wants to burn EU bridges then rebuild them, makes secret undisclosed deals with Nissan, etc, etc. No wonder she is ignored, she has nothing to offer other than hard Brexit and a hard face.

  12. Sooner we stop this stupidity of quitting the EU the better.

    These quitters were brainwashed by the likes of Sun, Mail, Express by their lies and myths, for their own agenda.

    We can stop this madness now!

  13. As the old saying goes “Let them them eat cake”. I’m sure there are plenty of countries who will be reasonably happy to do business with this country, once the dust settles, and those europeans will soon want to do business when they realise we ain’t bovvered and they have lost us as a tied customer .

  14. Hardly enough time to even judge whether she was snubbed or not.
    The video shows literally nothing to comment on.

  15. Irrespective of whether your eurofule or skeptic – there is a much larger linger term consequence about the events unravelling across the English Channel and across the Western democracies. It suggests a much greater threat to us as a country and a Continent. Popularism and the rising popularity of ‘post truth’ politics resembles us playing Russian roullete with all the freedoms, human Rights, financial benefits, …….the list goes on. We (and others) have elected for instability and risk! Whether you believe that is the right way or not – this is what is happening! As a species, we appear compelled to seek our own self-destruct button – ….If you’re a gambler – then it’s exiting and stimulating. If you’re risk averse, then you’re likely to believe this is nay-on apocalyptic. Then of course, there those people in between those polarized positions …….. for us the stakes couldn’t be any higher!

  16. Stop whining about the Brexit vote, the people have spoken! Just get on with it and get us outif you are so pro europe and anti uk democrasy maybe you should bugger off ans live in france, no loss to us anyway!

  17. The stupid thing is the vote asked about leaving the EU. Not the EEA or the customs union, or any other organisations which are a requirement of the EU but not don’t require EU membership. The Tories are quitting these for their own political aims, not by any mandate from a vote. If they had simply decided to do what was voted for and nothing more we would not be in this mess. Businesses would still be investing in things with a return that is over two years. Our currency would be back to where it was. It’s a bit like telling a doctor to amputate a badly broken little finger rather than fixing it and waking up to find it removed at the elbow.

  18. I am reminded of Nurse Ratched in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ She knows what is best for the patient/country/tory party and it/they will take their medicine even if it destroys them.

  19. “Can’t help thinking that ‘fuck off Theresa means fuck off Theresa’.”

    Can we have a Red, White and Blue, “Fuck Off Theresa”?


  20. Nathaj Edwardson says:

    Consider this. Article 50 2017. Leave 2019, by which around 1 million elderly will be dead (respect) and 1 million new teenage voters qualify. The demographic therefore shifts to remain. Maybe there is then a case for another Vote for when the full exit deal is on the table. You would not buy a luxury house “off-plan” and have no redness if the builder built a wooden pigsty ?? Did we really vote for a completely unconditional Brexit? One last thing. Am just back from Frankfurt and opinion was indifferent. Maybe some banks will move but the Germans are more focused on their own challenges.

  21. How many more remoaners still need to get it? We should pull together as a country and except the democratic vote. The UK voted out, out of the undemocratic, financially weak political project that we never formally joined.
    Naturally May was being left out of the conversation while the EU try to work out how to save the sinking ship.

  22. How childish can they be,it is like being back at school,do not take any notice of the ignorant childish EU members,good luck Theresa.

  23. You all come from such a beautiful and prosperous country, and yet you prefer to indulge in absolutely unnecessary partisan politics! If this short video vouches for what truly happened, then shame on all who chose ‘to ignore’ Mrs May. It is not only arrogant and childish… it just goes to show what a dangerous monster the EU is! Viva Brexit! Go for it, Britain!

  24. Poor Teresa she is carrying the message that the UK wishes no longer to be part of the EU.
    One cannot expect the other 27 members to enter into a meaningful conversation with a departing member. Their priorities will be concentrated on the future role of the remaining 27
    The UK wishes to row its own boat into a sea of uncertainty with no objective.
    Whilst it on the surface maybe an objective to placate the wishes of 27% of the population. Is it in the interest of the nation? The politicians must act in the interests of the nation as a whole. Is that not their role?
    To act without fear or favour and take the best option for young and old.

  25. Let’s face it. Obviously the European parliament don’t want us to leave. Britain is the goose that lays the golden egg. We pay enough in to the bastard thing. And they then tell us how we get to spend our share. Also make rules that we have to follow. Can’t you people see that we are only any good to them if we are controlled by them. Otherwise if we want out they will make it as awful as they can for us. Because they are gonna lose too. They never had any problem taking us to the cleaners before. Now hopefully they can’t. But they are determined to make it a long painful exit that’s for sure.

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