UKIP are hoping to win an upcoming by-election where the Tory MP resigned due to the government’s shambolic movements on Brexit.

UKIP’s Victoria Ayling is hoping to overturn a Tory majority of 24,000, similar to the one in Richmond. She told Sky News:

The overarching feeling is to give the Government a good kick as happened in Richmond, which was predominantly Remain.

The by-election at Sleaford and N Hykeham takes place next week.

Except, they can barely get the name of the area right.

While Farage was campaigning there today, he stood in front of a banner that had the spelling wrong (hat-tip David Prescott)


farage sleaford hykeham


We wonder how many of these were printed out.

  1. You get the name right on the instructions to the printer. The printer knows nothing about the local area and makes a mistake but supplies a proof. Someone at HQ or in the branch checks the proof but sees what he expects to and misses it, very easy to do. Bingo…loads of material with a spelling mistake. The only way out is to destroy the material and start again, which there may not be time to arrange. ( this election was sudden and unexpected). The government made a similar error in their document about “English” that was just issued.
    This is not a UKIP issue though it’s obviously important to locals and a bit sloppy. We’re not talking about a road sign here, just an opportunity to knock a political party.

  2. Still, the candidate managed to spell the fashionable ‘overarching’ correctly. Now she just needs to learn how to use it.
    And good to see that ‘giving a good kick’ is keeping the old NF and BNP political methods alive. Bravo, Ms Ayling!

  3. UKIP racists and thicko’s don’t care about names and places. It’s publicity they want – Trump style. Bad publicity is better than being ignored. Lies, ignorance and bigotry helped Trump get elected. Farage revels in any type of publicity. Keep reporting it and UKIP will keep providing the soundbites.

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