The Sun newspaper has deleted without any note the infamous and heavily-criticised article by Katie Hopkins calling refugees escaping Syria “cockroaches”.

The decision is likely to have come after Stop Funding Hate, a campaign to encourage advertisers to stop spending money with hateful tabloids, started gaining pace.

The popular campaign now has over 200,000 supporters on Facebook and over 60,000 followers on Twitter.

It has been encouraging supporters to bombard advertisers with the Katie Hopkins article over the last few days.


It seems the Sun has now taken the article off their website (hat-tip @jpublik)

The link now includes a ‘legal removal’ addition in the URL and the page shows a ‘Not Found’ message.

Finding the article through Google also gives an error message on the original URL.

It seems a campaign to target advertisers has had more success than online petitions.

Stop Funding Hate recently had success with convincing Lego to pull an advertising campaign with the Daily Mail. Other campaigners in the US have managed to get Kelloggs to pull advertising from the conspiracy site Breitbart.

We’ve contacted the Sun for a comment.

  1. Is this so called journalist really human? Does she not have any feelings for our fellow humans. Does she think that families and children in Aleppo choose their suffering. Why do people buy papers like The Sun or Daily Mail that constantly spead hatred.

  2. Vile despicable woman. I am ashamed to be British. I hope she comes to realise how these people are suffering and feels some remorse.

  3. She could be TIME Magazine’s Villain of the Year. Too bad she’d have such a tough competition for that award.

  4. Muriel O'Donnell says:

    Hopkins is a vile moronic waste of space who is desperate for notoriety….I would dearly love to find myself walking along a cliff path and finding that awful woman hanging on by one hand…..

  5. I have no idea why this ignorant, unkind and malicious women is paid to spout her vile beliefs. Reflects badly on a society that elevates morons like this.

  6. Patrick O'Sullivan says:

    When you start referring to people as cockroach’s that is a mandate for murder
    This is how genocides start
    This vile woman is employed by this vile paper to spread hatred
    Stop buying this rag

  7. Marie-Helene Besse says:

    Has this vile woman ever imagined a situation where the shoe is on the other foot? She’s so lucky to have been born in uk and not in the Middle East where life is so precarious! Has she not thought about the fact that one day, it might be her in that situation of being the refugee?? She has no heart, no compassion and I do not understand why she’s still getting air time

  8. God she’s at it again Well I have nothing but love for her I will remind her of a little thing called Karma this will catch up with her sooner or later. Is it permissible to say such vile things why has she not been arrested for hate crimes.

  9. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    If she is to be believed (good question), Hopkins suffers daily epileptic seizures which can be so severe that she dislocates her shoulder. While this might give some readers an understandable degree of satisfaction, I mention it only because it might go a little way towards explaining (not excusing) her hatred for anyone that more mentally balanced people would have sympathy, empathy or fellow-feeling towards. She hates other ‘weak’ people because she detests what she sees (as a victim of her background) as a weakness in herself.
    She’s a freak show really and the Sun is only to expected to hand her a megaphone and lots of money to make her an even bigger one.

  10. How could she see those photos of dead children and say those things, she has children herself not that she cares about them at all as she has said work and her wants come first then the children…. She dsnt even celebrate their birthdays on the day it is if it’s inconvenient for her…. Vile woman

  11. Can the commenters above not see the irony of responding about Katie Hopkins in this way? Hate is the problem, but group hatred towards Katie Hopkins is not the solution.

  12. I agree with Fred, you don’t have to vilify the authoress of this article. She has already shown herself to be someone who not many people would respect. Instead, direct your disgust towards the Sun, who gave her this platform. The Sun can be reasonable, and support good, but I’m afraid that this campaign against poor people abroad – either refugees or economic migrants trying to better themselves – has shown a small and petty agenda which plays to our bad instincts, calling them good. This is the real evil – re-branding selfishness as self-respect, miserliness as good sense. Don’t buy the paper until they stop this campaign, tell advertisers who you use to pull their adverts. It works!

  13. Why is this despicable piece of shite still exhaling her crap. I’m a firm believer in karma!! Hopefully it will get to her pretty soon just to shut her up !!

  14. “It” only wants attention and “it’s” getting it! Stop buying the paper, cut off “it’s” source of attention

  15. Per Ladegaard Knudsen says:

    … Katie Hopkins now has joined hands with the supporters of genocide …

    … most of Jewish friends parents or grandparents were called “rats” in the 1930’s by the nazi-regime in Germany – and we all know how what happened to their family members that couldn’t flee Germany …

  16. Hey, I really don’t appreciate the comment about the mental stability of epilepsy sufferers, A. Robot (Mrs). I have tonic/clonic epilepsy and I am perfectly rational and in no way mentally unstable. Please apologise to the epilepsy sufferers who have now been compared to this fucking moron? Katie Hopkins will say whatever it is she needs to get her ugly face in the news. We really should just ignore this horrible bastard and everything that comes out of her cakehole…

  17. Let’s get one thing straight, Katie Hopkins is subhuman and probably not even that. I don’t like her to be associated with our species. Just a simple request, please refrain from any further such association. Thank so kind fellow humans. Merry Christmas. Not you bitch KH.

  18. I wanted to reiterate what Alan said in response to the comment about epilepsy.
    Three generations of my family are epileptic and we are certainly not ‘mentally unbalanced’. Whatever Katie writes is what she intends to write. Please don’t try to soothe the ill feeling toward her by painting epileptics as villains. We were accused of having the devil in us for too many years.

  19. Grantus Maximus says:

    What’s worse than espousing these views is that, I suspect, they’re not even representative of what she actually thinks. If that is the case, than how morally bankrupt must you have to be to publish opinions of that sort, solely for the shock and notoriety value? And if I’m wrong, and these actually are her deeply held convictions? Either way, she certainly sums up the times we’re living in, unfortunately.

  20. I would like to think that Katie Hopkins was trying to cynically exploit the xenophobia of some of her readers. This is the kindest interpretation: if not, she is a bigot and a racist. Either way she is a disgrace to her profession and to humanity in general.

  21. To those complaining about my reference to mental imbalance, please read what I said more carefully. There is no epilepsy = mental imbalance either stated or implied. What there is is a suggestion that maybe someone’s daily suffering, and their inability to accept it as not their ‘weakness’, might lead to the sort of resentment and lack of feeling and, if you like, sociopathy (mental imbalance) which she displays.
    If you half-read something and then attack the writer you’re behaving pretty much like Hopkins and her readers.

  22. Jenny Eckersley says:

    She is a bigot, a racist, and probably a psychopath. Only a psychiatrist could give a proper diagnosis.How come her epilepsy did not cause difficulties when she was on the Apprentice?
    She is evil and really should be locked up in a secvsecvure hospital, but she is fairly clever in not breaking the law. I’m interested, however, in the possibility of her being investigated for hate crimes

  23. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    ‘Only a psychiatrist could give a proper diagnosis’. Maybe, but you’ll be waiting a long time before Ms H sends you the conclusions. Meanwhile, it’s open for people to use their brains and imagination to speculate, isn’t it?

  24. Sorry, but everyone is missing the point. She makes these vile comments because it makes money. Not just for her but also for the tabloids she infests.

    We are the ones giving her air and space. We are the ones buying these so called newspapers. We are the guilty ones promoting her inhuman rants by even commenting on them.

  25. Rosemarie Parks says:

    Katie Hopkins sells papers. The people who buy the Sun and other rags like it are little better than that woman.
    As regards her epilepsy, she recently had an operation on her brain. Perhaps the surgeon took the vile streak out while he was at it.

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