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The Sun newspaper often calls for some pretty idiotic policies, but this one takes the biscuit.

In an editorial it says the government should try and ‘spot future criminals’ at a young age, because researchers claim its possible.

If implemented it would mean that toddlers could be branded as criminals and perhaps even taken away from parents, without even committing a crime.

You think we’re joking? Not at all.

Here is the editorial, in full, posted yesterday (scroll to the bottom):

THE apparently overwhelming success of David Cameron’s Troubled Families Programme was a mirage.

But it isn’t a bad idea — just fatally flawed in how it is run.

International researchers now claim future criminals, and even long-term benefit claimants, can be identified aged just three from simple tests.

The minority of adults who soak up four-fifths of social costs could thus be spotted as toddlers.

So early intervention may yet pay dividends. It just needs a new approach.

So yeah, the Sun thinks this branding toddlers ‘future criminals’ is a good idea.

It also implies they should be locked up early to save taxpayers the cost.


  1. OK. so now let them show us some real proof Not just crackpot assertions with no credible evidence. Too much evidence free assertion going about already (see Brexit).

  2. A. Robot (Mrs) says:

    Not that unbelievable. It’s the Sun and this is the kind of 1+1 = er, something bigger stuff that you’d expect. It’s also what a lot of late 19th and early 20th century eugenicists believed. The ‘research’ is hardly ground-breaking and is, in any case, a circular argument and a statement of the bleedin obvious. People who start their lives disadvantaged probably continue throughout their lives to be disadvantaged. In different circumstances the Sun might call them the ‘left behind’ and demand that their views be listened to on things like, oooh, what colour our passports should be and the economic future of this country.
    Hang on, why are we spending any of our valuable time on discovering new ways in which the Sun reveals itself to be a mindless piece of simpleton-fodder?

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