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The EU has finally had enough of UKIP and they’re using the easiest method available to hit back: cutting off UKIP’s funding sooner rather than later.

The European Parliament has suspended payments to a think-tank close to UKIP because of suspicions it obtained donations via improper means.

The document was leaked to Politico, which reported:

In the latest of a series of financial setbacks to hit Euroskeptic parties and associated bodies over allegations of misuse of public funds, the UKIP-linked Institute for Direct Democracy in Europe (IDDE) could be deprived of €88,924.58 in funding due to the suspension approved by Parliament’s leaders.

On top of this, last month an audit found that UKIP had used EU funds to campaign against the EU, which isn’t allowed.

The audit put the ‘misspent’ figure  at over €500,615 (£430,486) for ADDE, the EU grouping dominated by UKIP.

EU officials could dock pay for Farage and other UKIP MEP’s to recover their money. The European Commission has taken similar action against Front National’s Marine Le Pen.

This is the first time the EU has cracked down on far-right European parties using EU money to campaign against the political union.

Good on the EU to crack down on those using it as their personal ‘gravy train’

  1. Hit them where it hurts. These scum have no scruples. They lie, cheat and hide their links to the English Defence League and the National Front. They have claimed the maximum amount from the EU while not bothering to attend the Council of Europe meetings. UKIP and Farage has made racism respectable. At last the EU has woken up to the scam and are doing something about it.

  2. It seems typical that far right parties have no scruples in coining in money by whatever means necessary and have no regard for financial principles. This debars them from any serious claims for political readership. I hope the EU presses the case against these freeloading parasites in taking money which ultimately derives from the EU taxpayer.

  3. From March 2017 they will have 2 years to get themselves elected to a paying post so they can work the scam again. All their MEPs will be out of a job and have no EU gravy train to exploit. Their membership is falling and donations are drying up.

  4. Farage is an opportunist who will abandon Europe now he has exploited it to fulfil his self interest. Off to reap pastures new in the USA.

  5. Patricia Chapman says:

    Vile, lying Farage. I hope he goes to America and is never seen or heard of again. If UKIP has been misspending EU funding then they have to return it, surely?

  6. I’m sure nearly all mainstream parties have similar anomalies and are left alone because they ARE mainstream.

  7. At last but I don’t think Fartage will care, he has done his damage to the Uk and is a millionaire. He trashed the Eu and has walked away. He will pop up occasionally to spit his bile and cause more trouble and then disappear again. The man has no integrity

  8. What about the pensions only being payable if you are living in an EU state? That can’t be argued as discrimination but stops them claiming (if we can’t stop the suicidal Brexit)

  9. What about all the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats milking the EU with outrageous expenses to fund their privileged lifestyles and self-interest. They should also be targeted but as they support the EU then they will be allowed to carry on as usual.

  10. This is extremely disingenuous….pocketing EU funding and then spreading down right lies about the amount of money this country contributes to the EU!!! like 350 million a week!
    They should be not only publically castigated and ridiculed for this but forced to pay it back or else heavily fined and thrown into the nearest prison to serve time!
    This makes me so angry when I think of the waste of money which could have gone to refugees and other needy people.

  11. @Shirley Hayes

    The Council of Europe is nothing to do with the EU except that the EU stole their flag. MEPs do not attend the CoE meetings. I think you meant that ADDE don’t attend man committee meetings. The reason is that they are a complete waste of time because the EU Commission does exactly what it wants anyway. The European Parliament is a sham.

  12. I don’t believe the level of disinformation at hate filled spite on here. I’m no fan of Farage, but you people really need to get real and start researching what the EU is really all about. Don’t you care about your country? Do you really want it subsumed into a European superstate run by bureaucrats like Juncker?

    @Pamela Howlett Farage did not trash the EU. It was already trash and he did what he thought was best to get us out of it.

  13. John O’Leary. Perhaps you didn’t see Farage at the EU slagging off other politicians – it made me ashamed to be British! incidentally I am real and I do care about my country, although with the rise in racist incidents since the referendum I fear for the future of it under Brexit. Whatever the failings of the EU, it has provided peace and stability in Europe for the past 50 years and we are far better working together than isolating ourselves.

  14. Yvonne Tierney says:

    Anne who are the needy people you mention! Also John O’Leary WELL SAID! These people on here are obviously not bothered about how Juncker, MERKEL and the rest in Brussels have reacted! They are Threatening Bullies and are totally unprofessional! They disgust me with their behaviour. Who in their right mind would want to be Ruled by people like them!! People who have Tunnel Vision! They have asset stripped our Country and used us as a cash cow for long enough. That is why they don’t want us to leave, it’s all about the money and THE NEW WORLD ORDER! GENOCIDE OF THE WHITE EUROPEAN PEOPLE through MONGRALIZATION!! You Remoaners might not mind being Raped by these people who say it’s in their Culture! If anyone tried it with mine I would kill them with no thought for my safety! Read the KALERGI PLAN it explains why this happening and what will happen.A chilling read but imperative everyone reads It! You REMAINERS and our Government have sealed our fate!!

  15. Unfortunately, they have already irreversably damaged the UK with their lies. Clawing back the funding will only give some satisfaction but change nothing. may needs to cancel the referendum result and carry out re-run ASAP.

  16. Oh how I love Yvonne Tierney’s comment! The deluded content, the frenzied writing and the usual conspiracy theory typifies the very worst of Brexiteers. She should fear nationalistic, isolationist Britain more than anyone. If the fascist state developes, the mentally disturbed are always among the first to be taken off the streets, especially when they advertise as she does.

  17. That is the problem with Fascists ,and UKIP are Fascists. They use the freedoms of Democracy to eat away at its institutions from within. They are a cancer. You kill a cancer by cutting its blood supply.

  18. That is the problem with NeoNazis and Fascists, and UKIP are Fascists. They use the freedoms of Democracy to eat away at its institutions from within. They are a cancer. You kill a cancer by cutting its blood supply. I notice that the Fascists are posting their racist garbage here as well. Hitler lost big time and we should not tolerate their divisive lies ever again.

  19. Sandra Humphries says:

    Yvonne Tierney, what planet are you on? It was NOT the EU who asset stripped our country but OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, starting with Thatcher (the Milk Snatcher)!!! And I don’t understand why you say the Remainers and the government have sealed our fate. The result of the referendum was to LEAVE!! As you don’t understand that, your comment is obviously just a faceless rant!

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