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The Spectator today has published a list of ‘the 75 most annoying people of 2016’.

But is the editorial staff on an early Christmas break?

Many of the people on the list, including economist Jonathan Portes, took his inclusion on the list as a compliment.

After all, its written up by Quentin Letts in the Spectator, and if you’re annoying either then you’re doing a good job.

But this was supposed to be a list of ‘annoying people‘. So it was odd that the list included:

  • Three out of five Newsnight discussions
  • Donald Trump’s hand gestures
  • Mumsnet
  • Editorial columns in the Church Times
  • ‘Train managers’, ‘next station stops’ and ‘arriving into’
  • Gender-bending on stage
  • ‘Evidence-based’
  • Celery
  • Boaty McBoatface

And… er, so on.

None of these things are ‘people’, as you may have noticed.

Either Letts has a problem with definitions, or the Spectator does.

But the Speccie still publishes Toby Young and James Delinpole, so its relationship with facts has always been tenuous

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