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It seems not everyone likes the John Lewis Christmas ad.

Some complained it showed the father sorting out the gifts rather than Father Christmas.

Others said there was a danger that parents would encourage animals on to jump on trampolines.

But others aree angry for an entirely different reason: because it featured a black family. Yes, seriously.

A complaint aimed at John Lewis by ‘Katie’ on Twitter went viral yesterday:

Katie went on to claim her complaint “nothing racist” about what she said, and that most Brits thought the same:

I speak for a vast number who are too afraid to speak their mind because of the racist bullies.

Apparently, people who object to discrimination on the basis of race are the real ‘racist bullies’.

Some pointed out her hypocrisy:

The irony, of course, is that you’re currently an immigrant in France complaining about immigration in Britain.

But others said they had also made similar complaints to the department store.

Political Scrapbook contacted John Lewis today to ask for their response. A spokeswoman responded with:

We haven’t been contacted directly by the customer and we would not engage with this tweet.


Welcome to Brexit Britain

  1. james naughtie was right says:

    Is it just me or does the word ‘Brit’ mostly seem to be used by a particular kind of Little Englander?

  2. The woman’s twitter account of tweets sent and received is a mixture of hate and hysteria. For example: Someone has taken words written by Andrew Marr calling for tougher action to be taken against killers, such as those who murdered Stephen Lawrence purely on account of the victim’s colour, and edited it in a way to suggest that Marr wants all white people to be repressed by the State.

  3. I watched thecadvert and thought it very good the colour of the family’s skin never entered my head .
    But I would like to leave the EU
    I’m certainly not racist I have lots of friends That are not british

  4. Let them stew in their own juices, but also, they need to know that Alt right or I’m not a racist but… are racist and will not be tolerated. They need to be called out for what they are.

  5. As a white skinned Jewish woman in her 70s, may I suggest that we all tell … to F-CK OFF. Thank you for your time.

  6. The boxer dog appears to be brown as well…. but as for the John Lewis ad. My cat loves it and sits inches from the screen trying to bat the squirrel when it has a go on the trampoline . Merry Christmas and Political scrapbook let us have some real stories….lots around.

  7. @Julian Bray I am concerned about the actions of your cat. I suspect it may be a white one, possibly a Britan First supporter. The squirrel in the ad appears to be a grey one – you know, one of the immigrant squirrels.. As far as I am concerned, they are welcome here and make a real contribution to life in our garden. Sort your cat out please.

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