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22 year-old George Cottrell, formerly an aide to Nigel Farage, has admitted in a U.S. court to posing as a money launderer on the ‘dark web’.

He was caught after the drug dealers he agreed to launder money for turned out to be undercover FBI agents.

Cottrell could face around 20 years in a U.S. Federal prison.

The F.B.I. agree to drop many of the other charges against him in exchange for a guilty plea. It read:

I falsely claimed that I would launder the criminal proceeds through my bank accounts for a fee,” Cottrell said in his plea agreement. “Rather than launder any of the money, though … I intended to retain the money.

Cottrell used to run Nigel Farage’s private office and used to handle media requests on his behalf.

He has been imprisoned in Phoenix, Arizona, since earlier this year on money laundering, mail and wire fraud and blackmail charges, reports

Unlikely his former boss would be able to bail him out now

  1. Suppose Nigel will commend him for his initiative, or claim it is an EU stitch-up?

    Amazed there is NO comment from Nigel though – he normally has a comment or view on everything.

  2. It’s been said that Farage claimed publicly that Leave was losing late on June 23, despite having polling saying they were going to win, so some friends could clean up on the money markets

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