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After Brexit is done, Theresa May will focus on taking the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights, according to a newspaper today.

Leaving the EU does mean Britain stops being a signatory to the ECHR.

But that is almost certainly next on her agenda, the Telegraph reports:

Theresa May will put plans to pull out of the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) at the heart of her campaign for the 2020 general election campaign, after ministers conceded that reform plans have been delayed by Brexit.

The Prime Minister is understood to be backing plans to “lift and shift” human rights enshrined in the European Convention and write them into UK law.

When she ran to be leader of the Tory party, May said she would not push for the UK to withdraw from the ECHR.

But that was mostly a political calculation – she did not have the Parliamentary majority – than one based on protecting people’s rights.

The ECHR is separate from the EU.

It is an international treaty the UK signed up to after World War II, containing a list of human rights and fundamental freedoms necessary to live a dignified life.

The UK was instrumental in drafting the treaty and was amongst the first signatories in 1950. It came into force in 1953, according to Rights Info.

Leaving it would make the UK an outcast undermine our international standing.

Here’s a short video on why the treaty matters


May wants to turn the UK into an inward-looking isolated pariah, it seems

  1. Colin Broughton says:

    Who defines what these so-called rights are? Left liberal judges, that’s who. That’s why leftists / liberals love them. They are a means of by-passing democracy.

    Britain doesn’t need these ‘rights’. We have had the rule of law, the common law, Parliamentary Democracy and a decent, Christian civil society for centuries.

    Human Rights are ok for just about every other country, the great majority of which which have had nothing like them and continue to show it, `Human `Rights’ or not.

    As Disraeli remarked, he would rather have the rights of a free-born Englishman than the ‘Rights of Man’. He was right.

  2. Colin Broughton says:

    On what exactly are ‘human rights’ based? Where do they come from? Who defines what they are? Left liberal judges, that’s who.

    As for being an ‘international pariah’ – with such shining lights as China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia etc and just about every third world country, especially sub Sahara Africa around – bring it on.

    Britain had the Bill of Rights and the Common Law centuries ago. We don’t need so-called `Human Rights’. They are good enough for countries without our very long history of decent civil society and parliamentary democracy.

  3. Colin – what a load of ignorant bollocks. We don’t want some Tory bill of rights, thank you very much. And I think you’ll find China etc aren’t in the European Convention of Human Rights.

    The people who want us out of the ECHR are those who want to get rid of our freedoms.

  4. You (Colin & Alan) have absolutely no idea what you’re pontificating about. Why don’t you look it up before spouting such crap.

  5. The Council of Europe was conceived after two world wars which decimated Europe.The wars abused imprisoned and killed thousands for what end?
    Nations at the end of the WW2 decided to attempt to protect us from future
    I fear the UKs desire to leave it opens the door to a repetition of the erosion of our
    rights we have from the European Convention on Human Rights..
    Teresa may not agree with some of the court’s decisions. Its there to protect us not the machinations of governments

  6. Ever since she was Home Secretary this has been her goal. This treaty protecs the people from their governments and has been used by British subjects to gain justice. I am stunned that some you think it is not needed in the UK!

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